Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mortal Kombat: The Lost Kingdom of Aqua

I've recently been writing about and collecting information regarding a supposedly elusive unlockable Mortal Kombat character called Aqua.

MK is noted for it's secrets and wacky sense of humor, but this character seems to be the work of whichever studio handled the PlayStation port for Mortal Kombat Trilogy, specifically a late version, the Greatest Hits or Platinum Edition. Two magazine articles include screenshots, one from the Official UK PlayStation Magazine Beat 'em Up Special of 1999, and another from an Official Australian 2000 Collector's Edition: 100 Best PlayStation Games counterpart special by the same magazine. This might also suggest it was a PAL region exclusive.

With help, I was able to rip video of the character's ending sequence from a ROM, but haven't yet been able to unlock the character. I'm told it involves holding select whilst choosing Rain, but there must be some additional method to unlocking the character. Not surprising, given the lengths we've had to go to reach other characters in previous MK's, such as Meat and Noob in MK4, or Jade and Noob in MKII.

The only other video to emerge, so far, is amateur footage of the same ending sequence filmed (poorly) on a television. Not much of an addition, but we might as well start to pool all references in the one place. If you've stumbled upon this page, and you have additional info, please post it in the comments!

Edit July 2, 2011: Apparently a thumbnail screenshot has emerged from the darkened recesses of the web, which may have been partial inspiration for MUGEN creations based on the character. Edit November 6, 2011: Over on MKO, JiminyCroquet has identified the watermark as coming from a pre-Gamespot, which explains the V. If anyone has the original fullsize image, contact me!!!

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Trying to keep up with Aqua info/references I'm finding. Thought it would be fun to try to keep track of tweets about him, too. Hit me up @TheMicker if you want, so I can add your tweet to the list.

Edit November 6, 2011: Still trying to keep up with any and all Aqua news/developments [tweet me if you've got something]! RoboMelvana has a video up with a quick preview of his MUGEN Aqua [1:47-2:48], which is pretty cool. It's a good start with some tweaks to come. Not quite 100% accurate, but you know how demanding us Aqua fanboys can be. Hope to see more like it!

Apparently a fan-art project is going to include Aqua in their drawn catalogue of characters, but not until some time next year, so I'll try to keep my eye out for that when it happens. If you weren't around earlier in the year, you might also like to find the Aqua reference in MKO's April Fools joke.

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MK Aqua on Twitter

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MelvanaInChains said...

First of all, thank you for being up to date on legitimately the most interesting ninja in MK history.

Secondly, I regret to say I lost all the files for Top Fighter 2011 so the project is cancelled. However there's always editing Scorpion's MK1 SNES sprites and making a more....'legit' version of him which I may do in the future. But I'm very honored somebody kept track of the progress! Thanks a bunch and good luck with future hunts.