Friday, December 30, 2005

Infinite Wars: Wolverine vs Invaders

Where: New Invaders #6 When: March 2005
Writer: Allan Jacobsen Artist: Jorge Lucas

The story so far...
Those visiting SWIE will remember back to our first installment at the beginning of the month, highlighting one of the exciting chapters of the Enemy of the State storyarc by Mark Millar.

With the New Invaders title on the brink of cancellation, it seemed apparent that a gratuitous guest appearance by Wolverine, as part of an Enemy of the State crossover would be a last ditch effort to assess the viability of the book.

The political struggles in the oil rich nation of Mazikhandar continue, and the Invaders are there as part of the US/Atlantean joint effort to take care of the synthetic Pterrorists. The Invaders' victory ironically curbs invasion, and leaves the Nazi Masterman out of favour with Baron Von Strucker, master of the Hydra.

Displeased, Strucker dispatches an assassin to do away with the failed loose end...

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Friday, December 23, 2005

Infinite Wars: Batman vs Superman

Where: The Dark Knight Returns #4 When: June 1986
Writer: Frank Miller Artist: Frank Miller

The story so far...
The future is a grim and gritty place.
The heroes have been driven out by a world that watched them with envious eyes. There are still whispers though. Rumors of a Superman puppet to the administration, and if you walk down the right alley, into the right bar, you just might find someone who knows him.

For Bruce Wayne the silence is deafening, and inevitably the Dark Knight returns to Gotham, in a time when he may be needed the most.

His return is not without it's cost. Though he rises to defeat the menace of the Mutants gang, old foes reemerge to take a last shot at their enemy. Two-Face and Joker make a stand, but prove to be nothing more than chapters in the Batman's legacy.

The true enemy is within. The Batman has rattled the cages of the wrong people, and now they have sent their Superman to stop him.

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Friday, December 16, 2005

Infintie Wars: Justice League vs Deathstroke

Where: Identity Crisis #3 When: October 2004
Writer: Brad Meltzer Artist: Rags Morales

The story so far...
Sue Dibny has been murdered, and this single death is sending shockwaves that touch each and every hero in the DC Universe.

With the most analytical and tuned heroes turning up no evidence, and a hyper technological security system showing no signs of forced entry, most of the League begin investigating the obvious suspects; teleporters, magicians, shape shifters, but one group has a different theory.

This is the event that changed the playing field, making it clear that the innocence of the past was nothing but a sham. These select few go in search of Dr. Light, a now-bumbling villain that had found his way to the Justice League satellite and raped Dibny years earlier.

Revealing their dark past, Green Arrow admits that the League had used Zatanna's magic to erase portions of the villain's minds pertaining to the secret identities of the heroes. The heroes did only what they needed to, until Dr. Light, when they crossed the line, and altered his personality forever.

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Friday, December 09, 2005

Infinite Wars: Mr. Fantastic vs Red Ghost & The Super-Apes

Where: Fantastic Four #3 When: March 1998
Writer: Scott Lobdell Artist: Alan Davis

The story so far...
Heroes Return saw the triumphant return of Marvel's core cast of characters after a lengthy hiatus from the "616" universe, and the styles that have made them famous.

Having overcome a universe of trouble in Heroes Reborn, the Thunderbolts stealing their home, trouble in France, and a single-celled Iconoclast; the FF were overdue for a visit from a more familiar nemesis.

Staying back to finish some analysis work before a New Year's Eve ball, Reed Richards is available to receive a call ending in distress from an ESU scientist, where Reed is a consulting Professor.

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Friday, December 02, 2005

Infinite Wars: Wolverine vs X-Men

Where: Wolverine #25 When: April 2005
Writer: Mark Millar Artist: John Romita Jr.

The story so far...
Mark Millar's Enemy of the State six part storyarc has seen Wolverine come under the control of Hydra, as part of Baron Von Strucker's last play as the head of Hydra.
The resulting story is akin to a Hong Kong revenge flick, or a video game, as Wolverine graduates through the levels of opponents before finally arriving at freedom.

This long and arduous road has seen Wolverine face off against SHIELD, the Invaders, Daredevil, Elektra, and even the Fantastic Four. Leading him to the next logical step.

Seeking the means to locate the President of the United States, Wolverine's quest leads him to his home, the X-Mansion, where under HYDRA's control he intends to enlist the aid of Rachel Summers, a formidable psychic, to locate PotUS.

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