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Infinite Wars: Green Lantern vs Hulk

No Time Like The Present! (Marvel/DC)
Unlimited Access #1 When: December 1997
Why: Karl Kesel How: Pat Olliffe

The Story So Far...
New York City native Axel Asher had enough trouble holding his own life together before he was confronted with a destiny to protect two parallel universes!

Drawn into an inter-dimensional conflict between warring cosmic brothers, and the denizens of their respective universes, Axel became the hero of two worlds: Access!

Having undone a merging of universes, and averted cosmic annihilation, Axel learns to adjust to the challenges of keeping both worlds separate, while also living a normal life. Attempting to juggle his responsibilities he decides to stop off in the DC Universe to get a special gift for his girlfriend -- only to find himself caught in the crossfire between the Incredible Hulk and Green Lantern! Zoinks!

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Infinite Wars: Batman vs Scorpion

In The Doctor's House (DC/Marvel)
DC/Marvel: All Access #3 When: Late January 1997 Why: Ron Marz How: Jackson Guice

The Story So Far...
Life as a university student can be a balancing act at the best of times, but when Axel Asher discovered his destiny as the inter-dimensional hero Access -- he took balancing to a whole new level!

As a hero of two universes, he now carries the burden and responsibility of maintaining all of reality! The two worlds came to blows once, eventuating in the totality of an unnatural Amalgam Universe! This is the unreality he must fight to prevent by keeping the worlds separate -- easier said than done!

Villains from the Marvel Universe are appearing in the DC Universe and Access doesn't know why! With such high stakes in play; he knew it was risky to grant the X-Man Jubilee a return visit with her one-time opponent and star-crossed lover Robin. When the Scorpion crashes the party the real trouble begins!

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Songbook Xtended: Should I Stay or Should I Go

The Clash - Should I Stay or Should I Go (Live at Shea Stadium) (1982) [Original Post]

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Infinite Wars: Superman vs Venom

The Crossing! (DC/Marvel)
DC/Marvel: All Access #1 When: December 1996 Why: Ron Marz How: Jackson Guice & Josef Rubinstein

The Story So Far...
Dashing from one back alley shortcut to the next - that's the life of Axel Asher. One minute he's on the city street, the next he's rushing to meet his girlfriend Ming Kuo-Fan. There's just one problem: The uncontrollable visions of two worlds once locked in cosmic battle!

See, one time when Axel was running through an alley he got stopped by this bum, who showed him a glowing cardboard box. It was an avatar for the fragile reality he maintained between two universe. When these universes became aware of each other through awakening cosmic twins - Axel learned his true fate as a man between worlds: the inter-dimensional guardian Access!

Now, just as things are starting to get to normal, it seems the universes are starting to bleed together again -- threatening the whole of existence! A dude called Venom has found himself in the wrong universe and he's getting freaked. If Access can't put Venom back where he belongs before he and Superman tear down Metropolis it could spell The End for reality and his relationship!

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