Friday, May 05, 2006

Infinite Wars: Green Lantern vs Blue Beetle

"Blue Monday" (DC Comics)
Blue Beetle #1 When: May 2006
Why: Keith Giffen & John Rogers How: Cully Hamner

The story so far...
During the countdown, Ted Kord unconvered a plot against the heroes led by his former Justice League colleage - Maxwell Lord.

Lord murdered the Blue Beetle, but the scarab once owned by original Blue Beetle, Dan Garrett, was already on a journey of mystic intervention which would eventually lead it to El Paso, Texas.

A Blue Beetle's death initiated the OMAC Project, but it would be the new Blue Beetle who would be instrumental in destroying the Brother I satellite that was plaguing the world and it's heroes. Along with Batman, Green Lantern and many others, this new Blue Beetle began his career by saving the world.

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