Friday, April 07, 2006

Infinite Wars: Justice League vs Demons Three

"Everybody Limbo!"
Justice League Unlimited #14 When: December 2005
Why: Adam Beechen How: Carlo Barberi

The story so far...
Whenever an animated world finds itself in peril and the threat is too great for one hero, the collective forces of the Justice League are there to step in and save them!

When Wonder Woman starts checking herself out in the mirror, the League have cause for concern, but all is not as it seems! The Amazon warrior is possessed by the wandering spirit called - Deadman!

Deadman is in search of the League's help to combat the upstart menace of the demons three, but this isn't a job for Green Lantern or Flash. This special case calls for the collection of magically experienced heroes affectionately referred to as - the Trenchcoat Brigade!

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