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Infinite Wars: Man-Ape vs Spider-man

MONTHLY PUNCH-UP #9 (September, 2006)

Bride of the Panther Part 5: "Here Come A Storm"
Where: Black Panther #18 When: September, 2006
Why: Reginald Hudlin How: Scot Eaton & Kaare Andrews

Quick Fix...
I know what you're thinking! What the hell's going on?
Well, in an effort to make these punch-ups just a little more interesting, I thought it would be a nice opportunity to feature those fights that just aren't quite long enough to be a weely post during the month.

These might be anywhere as short as 'one punch! [Bwahaha!]' or a few pages. It's just a way to expand the stats, and get some issues in that might not otherwise be featured; like Black Panther #18.

When Reginald Hudlin took on a new Black Panther series I was moderately interested. I didn't read the Priest series, but I'm a general fan of the Black Panther. Love him via the Fantastic Four, and other stories.
There were some pretty scathing reviews, and I have to say, what I knew of the new series really only seemed to emphasise them. One thing that bothered me in particular was Hudlin's interest in gathering all the afro-characters in the one place... Even if that really isn't what I envision as natural for the character; ie. Blade.

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