Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Infinite Wars: Nightwing vs Firefly

War Games: Casualty of War Act 3 Part 3 (DC comics)
Nightwing #98 When: December 2004
Why: Devin Grayson How: Sean Phillips

The story so far...
The vigilante called Tarantula has murdered Blüdhaven criminal mastermind Blockbuster, and by doing nothing to stop it, Nightwing has taken on the responsibility of the death in the harshest of ways.

While Grayson is trying come to terms with his inactions, the deaths of several major criminal bosses leads to an all-out gang war in Gotham City. With the violence spilling willfully into the streets, Batman rallies all of his available forces to put a stop to it, unwittingly placing additional stress on his former ward.

Charged with clearing Gotham-West, Nightwing heads out into the city, still troubled by the secret he keeps from the Batman. A welcome distraction comes in the form of a cluster of fires: The work of the pyromaniacal villain called, Firefly!

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