Sunday, July 01, 2007

Infinite Wars: Super-Skrull vs Hulk

MONTHLY PUNCH-UP #19 (July 2007)
No Autographs (Marvel)
Where: Incredible Hulk #374 When: October 1990
Why: Peter David How: Dale Keown

Quick Fix...
Everyone has their insignificant favourites.
Issues that bare no real importance in the longterm, but for some individual reason, remain memorable forevermore. I suppose this is one of mine.

The issue is entirely inappropriate for a site such as this. The degree of fisticuffs contained within is relatively minute, reduced to a street robbery and what we're focusing on in the quick fix -- another one-punch wonder! [Ala; JLA/Avengers #1]

I am, of course, afforded the luxury of a rare opportunity to bring such an issue to the table because of last month's big reveal in New Avengers #31. We now know that the Elektra in charge of the Hand was in fact a shapeshifting Skrull, thus casting a net of suspicion and paranoia over everything we see. This beat is already being played upon in the next issue of New Avengers.

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