Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wrestling: The Kayfabe Countdown - 11/28

#1 The Big Show [--] (39-15-2)
(WWE: Smackdown)

It was a "shock" upset victory for Alberto del Rio in King of the Ring qualifiers on Smackdown that handed Big Show a rare count out defeat this week. These situations rarely favour big men and with Del Rio's star on the rise, the win was all but secured. More shocking was perhaps the elimination of his rival, Rey Mysterio, who would've made for a solid tournament rematch in the same vein as what we saw on RAW, with a Survivor Series rematch between Ted Dibiase and Bryan Danielson, and a side-winding battle between Sheamus and John Morrison's pal, R-Truth.

With only a month to go, it seems a statistical certainty that either Big Show or Kofi Kingston will end 2010 as the most successful wrestler in the Kayfabe Countdown. Eight wins clear of nearest rivals, Rey Mysterio (#3) and Randy Orton (#4), the chances of this two horse race being overtaken are close to none, with approximately only six-or-so dates for wrestlers from Smackdown, and one less for RAW.

#2 [--] Kofi Kingston (38-22-2) (WWE)
#3 [--] Rey Mysterio (30-13-4) (WWE)
#4 [--] Randy Orton (30-18-6) (WWE)
#5 [+1] Drew McIntyre (28-30-3) (WWE)
#6 [-1] AJ Styles (27-11-5) (TNA) [Television Champion]
#7 [--] Cody Rhodes (27-18-2) (WWE)
#8 [RE] The Miz (26-29-4) (WWE) [WWE Champion]
#9 [-1] R-Truth (25-22-4) (WWE)
#10 [-1] Dolph Ziggler (25-25-3) (WWE) [Intercontinental Champion]

#1 [--] Tyson Kidd & DH Smith (16-18-0) (WWE)
#2 [--] Robert Roode & James Storm (15-15-3) (TNA)
#3 [--] Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin (12-9-2) (TNA) [Tag Team Champions]
#4 [--] Layla & Michelle McCool (12-14-0) (WWE)
#5 [+2] Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov (9-3-0) (WWE)
#6 [-1] Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes (9-5-0) (WWE)
#7 [-1] Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater (8-1-0) (WWE) [Tag Team Champions]
#8 [--] Brie Bella & Nikki Bella (8-4-0) (WWE)
#9 [--] Big Show & The Miz (7-4-1) (WWE)
#10 [--] Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal (7-6-0) (TNA)

Superstar Spotlight:
#83 Jeff Jarrett
(8-10-1) (TNA)

TAP THAT MAT! 'nuff said.

Special Note: On the November 22 episode of RAW, The Miz (#8) used his Money in the Bank contract to defeat Randy Orton (#4) for the WWE Championship. Orton had defended the title against Wade Barrett (#17) immediately prior, in a rematch of the Survivor Series main event.

The Kayfabe Countdown is based on the cumulative tally of wrestler win/loss records, based on televised matches from WWE and TNA 2010 broadcasts. At present, they includes TNA: Impact!, WWE: RAW, WWE: Superstars, WWE: Smackdown, and monthly Pay-Per-View events.

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