Monday, December 06, 2010

Wrestling: The Kayfabe Countdown - 12/5

#1 The Big Show [--] (39-15-2)
(WWE: Smackdown)

Big Show had the week off, giving our statistical race toward the end of the year a boost of intrigue. Kofi Kingston picked up a win over Jack Swagger (#17) on Smackdown to equal the Big Show's priority win count. With four weeks still to go in 2010, this two-horse race remains very much alive!

Meanwhile, with Edge (#18) set to take a second shot at Kane's (#12) World Championship at the TLC PPV, speculation regarding Big Show's title potential seems to have ended. He began 2010 as a reigning Tag Team Champion with The Miz (#8).

#2 [--] Kofi Kingston (39-22-2) (WWE)
#3 [--] Rey Mysterio (30-13-4) (WWE)
#4 [--] Randy Orton (30-18-6) (WWE)
#5 [--] Drew McIntyre (29-30-4) (WWE)
#6 [+1] Cody Rhodes (28-19-2) (WWE)
#7 [-1] AJ Styles (27-12-6) (TNA)
#8 [--] The Miz (27-29-4) (WWE) [WWE Champion]
#9 [+1] Dolph Ziggler (26-25-3) (WWE) [Intercontinental Champion]
#10 [-1] R-Truth (25-22-4) (WWE)

#1 [+1] Robert Roode & James Storm (16-16-3) (TNA)
#2 [-1] Tyson Kidd & DH Smith (16-18-0) (WWE)
#3 [--] Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin (13-10-2) (TNA) [Tag Team Champions]
#4 [--] Layla & Michelle McCool (12-14-0) (WWE)
#5 [--] Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov (9-3-0) (WWE)
#6 [--] Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes (9-5-0) (WWE)
#7 [--] Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater (8-2-0) (WWE) [Tag Team Champions]
#8 [--] Brie Bella & Nikki Bella (8-4-0) (WWE)
#9 [+1] Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal (8-7-0) (TNA)
#10 [-1] Big Show & The Miz (7-4-1) (WWE)

Superstar Spotlight:
#14 Sheamus
(23-19-3) (WWE)

The King of the Ring tournament made it's long awaited return two weeks ago, beginning with qualifying matches on RAW and Smackdown. On a special three-hour RAW last week, Bryan Danielson (#42), Alberto Del Rio (#56), Cody Rhodes (#6), Ezekiel Jackson (#65), Drew McIntyre (#5), and Kofi Kingston (#2) competed in the elimination brackets, but it was ultimately Sheamus who came out on top, victorious as the 2010 King of the Ring over recent rival, John Morrison (#16), after enjoying the easy ride of a bye created by the double count-out draw of Ezekiel Jackson and Drew McIntyre in the first round.

The once prestigious crown adds to Sheamus' other fast-tracked successes, including a two-time reign as WWE champion, and the Slammy Aware for Break-Out Star of 2009. In many eyes, it is considered a precursor to the return of Triple H (#80), who Sheamus sent to the sidelines after a street fight at April's Extreme Rules. It was the conclusion to several months of fighting between the two, and a considerable rub for such a relatively young performer.

I could be somewhat critical of Sheamus' list of achievements, which have come with the kind of speed that WWE is now associated with. It is a trend that has greatly diminished the prestige and accomplishment of these titles that were once unobtainable even to some of wrestling's greatest stars. He first emerged as a breath of fresh air, creating much needed distraction from the headlining usual suspects of the RAW roster that he is now in danger of becoming part of. The King of the Ring has done well to continue the construction of Sheamus as a longterm main event prospect, adding to his accolades, without cheapening the belts.

Special Note: The Countdown includes results from the TNA: Final Resolution PPV, where Douglas Williams (#46) defeated AJ Styles (#7) to become the new Television Champion.

The Kayfabe Countdown is based on the cumulative tally of wrestler win/loss records, based on televised matches from WWE and TNA 2010 broadcasts. At present, they includes TNA: Impact!, WWE: RAW, WWE: Superstars, WWE: Smackdown, and monthly Pay-Per-View events.

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