Friday, February 11, 2011

MKO: Liu Kang Biography Vignette Released!

Gamespot have exclusively revealed the first-look at number four in a series of character vignettes, each designed to spotlight the backstory of classic fighters in the lead up to entering Mortal Kombat!

Liu Kang is featured this time, lamenting on his training as a child with Shaolin Monk, to his special mastery under the Outworld-born master, Bo' Rai Cho (introduced to the canon in Deadly Alliance). Referencing his relationship with Raiden, the vignette appears to retain the expectation of Liu Kang as Earthrealm's greatest warrior and eventual champion.

As a young orphan, Liu Kang was trained by monks, ultimately becoming a Shaolin expert under Master Bo' Rai Cho. Assisted by the God of Thunder; Liu Kang is Earthrealm's best hope for freedom -- and survival! Liu Kang is destined to reach the final challenge and become the champion of Mortal Kombat!
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