Sunday, June 02, 2013

Wrestling: The Kayfabe Countdown - 06/02

#1 Randy Orton [--] (32-11-1)
WWE's Apex Predator continues to rule the Kayfabe Countdown, doing so in tandem with The Celtic Warrior as his partner! The team that wasn't a team spurs Sheamus back to #2 spot, this week, as Randy Orton reigns by a four win lead! Will they be the duo to challenge for the Tag Team Championships next? I cannot believe it -- and yet, their combination persists time and again!

#2 [+1] Sheamus (28-10-1)
#3 [-1] Alberto Del Rio (27-6-1)
#4 [--] Kane (20-16-0)
#5 [--] Bryan Danielson (19-18-0)
#6 [+2] Ryback (18-6-1)
#7 [-1] Mark Henry (18-6-0)
#8 [-1] Jack Swagger (18-8-2)
#9 [--] The Miz (15-7-1)
#10 [--] Big Show (15-15-1)

#1 [+1] Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins (13-1-0) [Tag Team Champions]
#2 [-1] Kane & Bryan Danielson (13-8-0)
#3 [+2] Sheamus & Randy Orton (11-3-0)
#4 [-1] Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns (10-1-0)
#5 [-1] Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins (10-1-0)
#6 [--] Brodus Clay & Sweet Tea Tensai (8-3-1)
#7 [--] Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso (5-4-0)
#8 [RE] Brie Bella & Nikki Bella (4-2-0)
#9 [-1] Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow (4-7-1)
#10 [-1] Sheamus & Big Show (3-1-0) 

Superstar Spotlight:
#24 Cody Rhodes (8-23-1)
#34 Damien Sandow (5-22-1)
With only WWE featured in this year's Kayfabe Countdown, there are certain inevitable patterns that set in, week to week. When you make a point of tracking the TV stats, you're given clear access to the hierarchy of superstars, up-and-comers and jobbers. Over the past few months, I've been sad to note that Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow are firmly entrenched in the latter.

You wouldn't necessarily think of them as jobbers. Maybe it's not even fair to equate them to that. They've played the role of "enhancement talent", to be sure, but their fleshed out characters and staying power makes them more than any mere Brooklyn Brawler. Staying power that even defied a brief break-up -- a decision that was utterly stupid, if you'd really like to know.

As someone who loathes the demeaning of Championships through short reigns, it can seem contradictory that I wish Team Rhodes Scholars could've gone all the way for the tag belts. I don't object to The Shield's need for tag team gold -- which leaves only a couple of months free, if you bridge the gap between the time Kane & Bryan Danielson probably should've called it quits, and Extreme Rules. In truth, I can be quite forgiving of short reigns when there's a good enough reason. While it might have made headaches for a face/heel preferential -- at least this truly worthy team would've had their time in the sun. Heck, maybe you even dare to consider delaying The Shield's rise via the titles. I don't know.

Damien Sandow makes me laugh out loud just about every time I see him. He's the kind of heel you can delight at. Pompous and arrogant to such an absurd degree, it's hysterical. The Elbow of Disdain rubs not only my unjustified love of a straight, conventional elbow drop as a signature move, but also the gleeful absurdity of Sandow's heel pomposity. That stands in contrast to Cody Rhodes -- a guy I've never had much belief in. A skinny quirt with no calves, a schmuck face and limited in-ring talent. Yet! Even he is elevated when, having grown a moustache, he finds a dastardly partner with a mutual distaste for the masses. You don't mess with a combination like that!

I'm enjoying their run-ins with Randy Orton & Sheamus. I'm enjoying their second chance at a Tag Team career. I just wish they could pick up a few more wins along the way, solo, or duo. Rhodes has had a few. How about Sandow? You're welcome!

The Kayfabe Countdown is based on the cumulative tally of wrestler win/loss records. Tallied results only include matches broadcast during WWE 2013 programming. At present, this includes RAW (Mondays), Main Event (Wednesdays), Smackdown (Friday), and monthly Pay-Per-View events.

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