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Wrestling: Pay-Per-View Players #3 - March 1985

#1 Ric Flair [--] (2-0-0) (NWA)
(World Heavyweight Champion)

The World Wrestling Federation has officially entered the pay-per-view game. In 2013, Wrestlemania has the benefit of writing the history as its ultimate winner. After the first 'Mania, Ric Flair remains secure as the top PPV Player -- a two-time Starrcade main eventer. We shall see just how potent Wrestlemania proves as WWF encroaches further on the pay-per-view landscape. What is unmistakable is that Hulk Hogan has registered his first of many wins. He may be behind the chase and outside the Top 10 by default, but we know that will change in time. Not a matter of if -- but when!

The headache of trying to reflect the promotional rift in wrestling can officially begin here. Ricky Steamboat crosses lines to return to the Top 10 as a WWF star. He defeated the late Matt Borne in the third match on the card -- a modest method to become the highest ranked WWF talent after their first entry. "Cowboy" Bob Orton spent his March 31st interfering in the melee of Wrestlemania's famous first main event: a tag team bout officially between Hulk Hogan & Mr. T against Rowdy Roddy Piper & "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff. If that makes him a Pay-Per-View Player of headlining value, he'll have to settle for riding his Starrcade '83 win to #8. I'm sure we'll see the Hulkster at the top of the Tag ranks in no time, legendary team player that he is.

In the interest of proportions, a women's division can be added to the rankings list. I don't know how often we'll see the likes of Wendi Richter. The ebb and flow of womens wrestling on the main stage may prove to be one of the more interesting elements. We've a long way to go before the heights of Sable, Trish Stratus and other women as draws.
Top Ten Singles PPV Players
#1 [--] Ric Flair (2-0-0) (NWA) [World Heavyweight Champion]
#2 [--] The Assassin (2-0-0) (NWA)
#3 [RE] Ricky Steamboat (2-1-0) (WWF)
#4 [-1] Denny Brown (1-0-0) (NWA) [World Junior Heavyweight Champion]
#5 [-1] Jay Youngblood (1-0-0) (NWA)
#6 [new] Nikolai Volkoff (1-0-0) (WWF) [Tag Team Champion]
#7 [new] The Iron Sheik (1-0-0) (WWF) [Tag Team Champion]
#8 [-2] Bob Orton Jr (1-0-0) (WWF)
#9 [-2] Abdullah the Butcher (1-0-0) (NWA)
#10 [-2] Kevin Sullivan (1-0-0) (NWA)
Top Ten Tag Team PPV Players
#1 [--] Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood (1-0-0) (NWA)
#2 [new] Nikolai Volkoff & The Iron Sheik (1-0-0) (WWF) [Tag Team Champions]
#3 [-1] Bob Orton Jr & Dick Slater (1-0-0) (NWA)
#4 [-1] Kevin Sullivan & Mark Lewin (1-0-0) (NWA)
#5 [-1] Assassin #1 & Assassin #2 (1-0-0) (NWA)
#6 [-1] Ivan Koloff & Nikita Koloff (1-0-0) (NWA)
#7 [-1] The Assassin & Buzz Tyler (1-0-0) (NWA)
#8 [new] Hulk Hogan & Mr. T (1-0-0) (WWF)
#9 [-2] Jack Brisco & Jerry Brisco (0-1-0) (NWA)
#10 [-2] Mark Youngblood & Wahoo McDaniel (0-1-0) (NWA)

Top Womens PPV Players
#1 [--] Wendi Richter (1-0-0) (WWF) [Womens Champion]
#2 [--] Leilani Kai (1-0-0) (WWF)
Recent Pay-Per-View Event Results
- WWF Wrestlemania (March 31, 1985)
- NWA Starrcade '84: The Million Dollar Challenge (November 22, 1984)
- NWA Starrcade '83: A Flair for the Gold (November 24, 1983)
The Pay-Per-View Players rankings intends to take into account pay-per-view events promoted by NWA, WWF, WCW, ECW, WWE & TNA wrestling organizations. Only broadcast results contribute to the cumulative tally of win/loss record of wrestlers.

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