Friday, October 30, 2015

Infinite Wars: Etrigan vs Solomon Grundy

Born On A Monday (DC)
Solomon Grundy #1 When: May 2009

Why: Scott Kolins How: Scott Kolins

The Story So Far...
Cyrus Gold lived a wicked life as a citizen of late 19th Century Gotham City. Cursed in death to forever rise from his unmarked grave within Slaughter Swamp - he becomes the mindless, shambling behemoth known as Solomon Grundy!

Born on a Monday some fifty years after his demise the undead Grundy emerged from the muck composed of its rotting contents for the very first time. The zombie-like Grundy was drawn to a new life of evil time and again, possessing super-human strength in his many deaths and rebirths. He is inevitably drawn into conflict with emerging heroes like The Green Lantern, whose magic might could not grapple with Grundy's grim, wood infused corpse!

It was fitting that the ring-wielding hero should be there to bare witness to the return not of Solomon Grundy - but Cyrus Gold - decades later! Something has intervened in the endless cycle, granting Gold a final 7 days to put his soul to rest! Summoned by The Phantom Stranger, Alan Scott must aid Cyrus in his quest to end the vicious curse of Solomon Grundy before The Darkest Night - but the Stranger isn't the only force taking an interest in this weird twist of fate...

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