Friday, February 19, 2016

Infinite Wars: Daredevil vs Deadpool

Final Cut (Marvel)
Contest of Champions II #4 When: November 1999 Why: Chris Claremont How: Michael Ryan

The Story So Far...
On a day like any other, the super-heroes of Earth find themselves suddenly plucked from their normal routines -- abducted by aliens! Fortunately, The Coterie are a benevolent race of game-masters hoping only to trade their vast intergalactic knowledge in exchange for basking in the legendary fighting excellence of humanity's greatest champions!

A nice story, but if The Coterie are as benevolent as they claim - why is the air crawling with nanites infesting every hero they've abducted?! Could it be that The Brood are plotting to manipulate the heroes into a plot to steal their powers and turn them against the rest of humanity?

Manipulated by the microscopic nanites infesting their very being, the heroes comply with the contest - turning their powers against one another!

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