Friday, March 04, 2016

Infinite Wars: Captain Marvel vs Superman

> Chapter Four: Never-Ending Battle (DC)
Kingdom Come #4 When: August 1996
Why: Mark Waid How: Alex Ross

The Story So Far...
They were humanity's greatest champions, but when humanity no longer wanted them, they were gone. In their place, a new generation of warriors led by Magog, whose violence promises a just world of brutal simplicity.

In the wake of this changing of the guard, a new generation of super-humans arises with little regard for humanity, or justice. Rife with anger, prejudice, personal agenda, and self-interest they wage wars where the heroes and villains are indistinguishable from one another. Violence begets violence. The children of a greatness deemed too hard to accept become doomed to relearn their history's value the hard way. The people suffer for their choice.

When hope seems lost, the heroes return as they always had in humanity's hour of need. The Justice League judges their replacements harshly, forcing them to answer for their actions. It's a dose of truth, justice and the old American way. A blast from the past. Too little, too late. An uneasy return to extremes.

An improvised gulag for the dangerous super-humans becomes a powder keg waiting to blow. The old villains remain the keepers of the match. Lex Luthor and his Mankind Liberation Front are the architects of an Armageddon designed to end all super-humans at the sound of a word, and the word is... Shazam!

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