Friday, December 23, 2005

Infinite Wars: Batman vs Superman

Where: The Dark Knight Returns #4 When: June 1986
Writer: Frank Miller Artist: Frank Miller

The story so far...
The future is a grim and gritty place.
The heroes have been driven out by a world that watched them with envious eyes. There are still whispers though. Rumors of a Superman puppet to the administration, and if you walk down the right alley, into the right bar, you just might find someone who knows him.

For Bruce Wayne the silence is deafening, and inevitably the Dark Knight returns to Gotham, in a time when he may be needed the most.

His return is not without it's cost. Though he rises to defeat the menace of the Mutants gang, old foes reemerge to take a last shot at their enemy. Two-Face and Joker make a stand, but prove to be nothing more than chapters in the Batman's legacy.

The true enemy is within. The Batman has rattled the cages of the wrong people, and now they have sent their Superman to stop him.

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