Friday, December 30, 2005

Infinite Wars: Wolverine vs Invaders

Where: New Invaders #6 When: March 2005
Writer: Allan Jacobsen Artist: Jorge Lucas

The story so far...
Those visiting SWIE will remember back to our first installment at the beginning of the month, highlighting one of the exciting chapters of the Enemy of the State storyarc by Mark Millar.

With the New Invaders title on the brink of cancellation, it seemed apparent that a gratuitous guest appearance by Wolverine, as part of an Enemy of the State crossover would be a last ditch effort to assess the viability of the book.

The political struggles in the oil rich nation of Mazikhandar continue, and the Invaders are there as part of the US/Atlantean joint effort to take care of the synthetic Pterrorists. The Invaders' victory ironically curbs invasion, and leaves the Nazi Masterman out of favour with Baron Von Strucker, master of the Hydra.

Displeased, Strucker dispatches an assassin to do away with the failed loose end...

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