Friday, October 27, 2006

Infinite Wars: Batman & Nightwing vs Amazo

Under the Hood Part 3: Overnight Deliveries (DC comics)
Batman #637 When: April 2005
Why: Judd Winick How: Doug Mahnke

The story so far...
In the wake of a gang war, Black Mask seizes control of the criminal underbelly of Gotham City. With various villainous elements shifting within the DC Universe, Black Mask's own strategies intersect with various others.

Amongst his schemes, the import of various super paraphernalia and weaponry. Much of which leaves his possession via the intervention of the Batman, or the vigilante rogue, Jason Todd - The Red Hood.

One such import is Amazo; an android designed originally by Professor Ivo to combat the Justice League using their own powers and unique abilities. Though stripped down, the machine poses a substantial threat, and Batman and Nightwing are there to intervene.

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