Friday, November 03, 2006

Infinite Wars: Raiden vs Scorpion

Tao (Malibu Comics)
Mortal Kombat: Blood & Thunder #5 When: November, 1994
Why: Charles Marshall How: Kiki Chansomone

The story so far...
For centuries the purity of Mortal Kombat has preserved peace and order among the realms, requiring ten tournament victories of any invading force.

Each tournament spans a generation, and after nine victories, the Shokan champion Goro was defeated by Earthrealm champion and descendant of Kung Lao - Liu Kang. Thus, Shao Kahn and the forces of Outworld are thwarted.

The chosen warriors of Mortal Kombat exist beyond the tournament, and when Kano steals a powerful mystical book known as the Tao Te Zhan, it begins a new battle for omnipotence. When Scorpion steals the book one of seven riddles has already been solved, and he has just solved the second...

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