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Musi(c.)PSX: Born Slippy .NUXX (1995)

Sony's Playstation console was first released in Japan in December of 1994. A year later, it spread across the globe, leading to it's eventual assimilation into modern living. The console was officially discontinued by Sony in 2006, but began a process of phasing out with the 2000 release of the Playstation2. Known in it's early years colloquially as the PSX, the console was characterised by a slick attitude that met modern gamers on varying levels, boasting releases like Wipeout, which fused electronic music culture with the gaming experience. This post is a celebration of that time. Music circa (c.) the PSX.

Underworld - Born Slippy .NUXX (1995)

In the interest of trying to make use of this blog, without forcefully contributing to the glut with more of the same, I look back on a time I have great appreciation for. It was a time when gaming was part of the pop culture zeitgeist in an assimilative way. In many ways I believe the PSX was the console that gave gaming to the masses and finally confirmed to anyone uncertain that this was a pasttime to be enjoyed by all.

Bursting onto the scene with a bold step toward multimedia entertainment and modern 3D console gaming, the PSX was more than just a platform. It's wide range of titles were enfused with a chic lost on mainstream gamers who now clamber backward to the likes of the Wii. It was a console reaching for a future that culminated in the PS2, more thrilling in it's chase of what was to come, than the malaise of it's established successor.

Music was so much a part of my time with the PSX.
I listened to the Wipeout games as much as I played them. When I wasn't doing that, I was soaking in some of the similar music of the time, whilst playing other titles. The PSX was a Silver Age for video gaming. A time of hope, imagination, excitement, experimentation. I miss it.

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