Sunday, May 17, 2009

Musi(c.)PSX: Nocturne (1995)

Sony's Playstation console was first released in Japan in December of 1994.
A year later, it spread across the globe, leading to it's eventual assimilation into modern living. The console was officially discontinued by Sony in 2006, but began a process of phasing out with the 2000 release of the Playstation2. Known in it's early years colloquially as the PSX, the console was characterised by a slick attitude that met modern gamers on varying levels, boasting releases like Wipeout, which fused electronic music culture with the gaming experience. This post is a celebration of that time. Music circa (c.) the PSX

Secret Garden - Nocturne (1995)

Judging from other blogs I've been reading, you don't really expect me to say a lot, but I feel I'd be short sheeting you if I didn't at least elaborate a little...

Admittedly, this probably isn't what I would look back upon with fond nostalgia for the days of the PlayStation, but there's something to be said for the theory that all things are connected. Norway just won the Eurovision Song Contest, and guess what? They did the same in the first big year of the PSX - 1995! Connection obtained!

I personally associate the PlayStation with much of the Euro/UK outlets and design I came to enjoy. Watching this year's Eurovision, I was pleasantly rewarded by the Russian network's design sense for the show, which reconnected me with that modern, clean, light motif that only the Wii still seems to have some reference to. It was a good time. I miss it.

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