Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wrestling: The Kayfabe Countdown - 04/24

#1 Edge [--] (17-1-1) (WWE)
For the tenth week running, Edge remains in the statistical top spot on The Kayfabe Countdown, a fact inevitably finite due to his retirement last week. Some of the fun of watching wrestling from this unique perspective will now be seeing who WWE calls upon to replace their most dominant star of 2011! Earlier in the year it seemed Alberto Del Rio (#4) would be the man whose destiny was to be the most winning star in WWE, but now Randy Orton (#3) has taken that confidence. Rey Mysterio (#2) is most poised to do it, taking the fan-favourite second tier that saw Kofi Kingston (#21) overtake Big Show (#8) in 2010, but with injuries brewing there, he probably won't have the distance. Plus, Orton's got the ticket to ride as long as he sits second to John Cena (#41) and Miz (#18), with goons aplenty to run over.

Sin Cara (#68) went 2-0 with a tag victory alongside Cena in an elevation of his credibility as a major signing. Going against The Miz and Alex Riley (#130) was probably a safer scenario for the sometimes stumbling star than Primo Colon (#64), who helped him train in the WWE style, but bungled crucial spots on his first in-ring debut on RAW a week or so ago.
#2 [--] Rey Mysterio (13-6-0) (WWE)
#3 [--] Randy Orton (12-6-0) (WWE)
#4 [--] Alberto Del Rio (11-7-2) (WWE)
#5 [--] Santino Marella (11-10-0) (WWE)
#6 [+1] Robert Roode (9-0-0O) (TNA) [Tag Team Champion]
#7 [+1] James Storm (9-0-0) (TNA) [Tag Team Champion]
#8 [RE] Big Show (9-5-0) (WWE) [Tag Team Champion]
#9 [--] Eve Torres (9-5-0) (WWE)
#10 [-1] Justin Gabriel (9-9-0) (WWE)

#1 [--] Robert Roode & James Storm (9-0-0) (TNA) [Tag Team Champions]
#2 [--] Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater (7-6-0) (WWE)
#3 [--] Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov (6-6-0) (WWE)
#4 [+1] Big Show & Kane (5-0-0) (WWE) [Tag Team Champions]
#5 [+1] Sarita & Rosita (5-1-0) (TNA) [Knockouts Tag Team Champions]
#6 [-2] Layla & Michelle McCool (5-3-0) (WWE)
#7 [--] Angelina Love & Winter (3-2-0) (TNA)
#8 [--] Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal (3-2-0) (TNA)
#9 [--] Edge & Randy Orton (2-0-0) (WWE)
#10 [--] John Morrison & R-Truth (2-0-0) (WWE)

The Kayfabe Countdown is based on the cumulative tally of wrestler win/loss records, based on televised matches from WWE and TNA 2011 broadcasts. At present, they includes TNA: Impact!, WWE: RAW, WWE: Smackdown, and monthly Pay-Per-View events. 

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