Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wipeout: Style and Substance

WipeoutHD is the final refuge of attractive people interested in playing a game without entering into an online bidding war with middle-aged women under the illusion the Wiimote is a magic wand that will help them shed enough pounds to have tracksuit pants camel toe because they want it. It's a relic of the PSX age, when gaming was sexy, modern, and full of style. It's an echo of a future past.

Sci-fi racer?! Hah!
This isn't Tron! You don't approach Wipeout like your "shooters" or your postitute killing trucking games!
It's about midnight in an apartment full of pale wood and silver, standing next to the TV in a puffy orange vest with spikey frosted hair.
It's about the fashion accessory. The soundtrack, the palette, the design, the brand name.

You don't play Wipeout!
You shift your weight to one side and cock the opposite eyebrow, cutting a graceful curve in the game as if by sheer coincidence.

It's a wave of style and substance...

... and consequently, probably not for Americans. Haw!

Explaining Wipeout; re: LTTP: Wipeout

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