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CWA: Saturday Night Slam Masters (07/04)

Fireworks greeted the Metro City crowd as Saturday Night Slam Masters kicked off for a very special July 4 edition! It was during the week that Commissioner Mike Haggar leaked his intentions to make a very special announcement for America's day of celebration, hot off the heels of all the action at  CWA: Heat Up Scramble! Sunday's special event crowned a new CWA Heavyweight Champion in Victor Ortega, who, after weeks of posturing, proved to be everything he had claimed during a freakish domination over the Red Cyclone and now former-champion, Zangief. The Tag Team Champions, Astro & Mysterious Budo were more fortunate, retaining their titles as Alex and Lucky Colt Gunloc set themselves up with an opportunity to face them in their next title defense, no later than July 26 at CWA: Muscle Bomber Meltdown. The event will also see Ortega face newly named #1 contender, Darun Mister, who defeated Aleksey Zalazof in one of the most technical showcases in CWA history.

It was the new champion, Victor Ortega, who kicked off July 4 celebrations, making his way to the ring with the CWA Heavyweight title slung over one shoulder. He made sure to parade the title belt in front of the crowd, dusting it off with the back of his hand before requesting a microphone from ringside officials. With a captive audience, the Muscle Bomber original threw his defeat over Zangief in the face of the crowd, declaring boldly, "I told you so!" Ortega tone shifted slightly as he proclaimed disappointment in the ease with which he did claim the title, describing it as a hollow confirmation of what he already knew -- he is the best. He then expressed concern about the legitimacy of Darun Mister's intentions, referencing Mister's goals to face off against his spiritual rival, Zangief. Ortega declared that if he was not to find legitimate competition, he would be forced to seek it outside of the CWA.

Ortega's flirtations with inter-company rivalry brought the CWA Commissioner, Mike Haggar, to the stage area. Metro City's own "uncivil servant" acknowledged Ortega's achievement, congratulating him on the title win. He said that although he did not approve of Ortega's demeanour or methods, his victory proved exactly what was possible for the determined in the land of the brave. The Commissioner described himself as a man who has always believed strongly in the American Dream, referencing his career as Metro City Mayor as another example of what was possible. He then said that he wanted to share spirit of equal opportunity with Victor Ortega and the multicultural roster of CWA Muscle Bombers. With that, Haggar announced that there would be a special American Dream Battle Royal to grant a title shot against Ortega in the night's main event!

Ortega's initial reaction displayed his fury, but with the crowd's roar of approval subsiding, the CWA Heavyweight Champion invited Mike Haggar to "bring it on," promising to maintain his undefeated streak against anybody he throws at him.
In the backstage area; two of CWA's British Muscle Bombers, Birdie and Titanic Tim, were engaged in debate about whether or not July 4 was a date to celebrate. Tim described American independence as the defining moment of modern history, posing as the Statue of Liberty as he made his case. Birdie mocked his partner when Rasta Gomes approached with muttered questions about the whereabouts of his pet monkey, Freak. Before he could get any answers, Commissioner Haggar approached the group, informing them of the scheduled American Dream Battle Royal for international Muscle Bombers. With the match about to start, he tapped Titanic Tim as the British representative for the over the top tournament of wills. As Tim and Gomes headed in the direction of the entrance, Birdie expressed his dismay for the day.

American Dream Battle Royal: Winner Faces Victor Ortega for CWA Heavyweight Title
(Russia) vs King Rasta Gomes (Dominican Rep.) vs Titanic Tim (United Kingdom) vs El Fuerte (Mexico) vs Hugo Andore (Germany) vs Sheep the Royal (Australia) vs Aleksey Zalazof (Russia) vs Astro (Japan) vs Darun Mister (India)

With the cream of the international crop present in the ring, the melee to earn a shot against Victor Ortega erupted! The rules were simple: eliminate opponents by tossing them over the top rope so that both feet hit the ground.

Sheep the Royal entered the ring with Freak atop of his shoulder, earning the pre-match ire of Rasta Gomes who began pulling his own hair and shouting incoherrently. The shock meant Sheep was swiftly eliminated by the German Giant, Hugo Andore! Rasta Gomes eliminated himself, leaping over the top rope to pursue Sheep for apparently stealing his monkey manager!

Darun Mister clearly saw the opportunity to finally clash with Zangief, but was locked up in a full nelson by Aleksey Zalazof before he could engage the former champion! Unaware, Zangief went straight to Andore, joined by Titanic Tim who helped hold the German up in the corner with a series of clubbing blows! Astro found himself pursued by Mexico's El Fuerte, who was unsuccessful in claim Astro's Tag Team belts during their confrontation at Heat Up Scramble.

The next elimination came as Titanic Tim turned on the Red Cyclone, teaming-up with Hugo Andore to attempt to eliminate the former-champ! In a desperate situation, Zangief unleashed the 360 lariat that knocked both competitors back, successfully sending Titanic Tim over the top to the outside (where Sheep the Royal and Rasta Gomes were still brawling)! Despite the heavy blow, Andore was far from rendered inert! After overcoming Zangief with a big boot from the corner, the German Giant was able to take full advantage of the top rope struggle between Astro and El Fuerte by shoving both from their turnbuckle perch to the outside!

Andore clutched the top rope, laughing at the misfortune he dealt to the two high flying Muscle Bombers. His gloating left him wide open to an unlikely top rope elimination as Zalazof dropped Mister with a Russian leg sweep, joining Zangief and pushing the giant over the top! Having been granted exception into the match as former-champion, Zangief then came face-to-face with his fellow Russian! There was no love lost between the pair as they exchanged blows, Zangief falling to an impressive dropkick! With the Red Cyclone down, Zalazof fended off the approaches of his rival of recent times, Darun Mister. Mister, still the #1 contender regardless of outcome, knocked Zalazof off balance with a clubbing blow to the back, but his attempt at a finishing powerbomb back fired when Zalazof sent him over the top with a countering back body drop!

With victory within his grasp, Zalazof turned to face the last man standing, only to be caught with the devestating spinning piledriver! Zangief brought a stunned Zalazof to his feet, but when the Red Cyclone ran him toward the ropes, Zalazof was able to bridge the top rope, keeping leverage as Zangief tumbled to the outside to be eliminated as Zalazof rolled from the apron back into the ring!
Winner: Aleksey Zalazof

With the crowd going wild, Aleksey Zalazof celebrated his hard earned first victory in the CWA comeback era! A stunned Zangief returned to the ring to come face-to-face with his countryman. Having narrowly missed out on the opportunity for a rematch against the champ, Zangief delighted the audience by extending a raised thumb for his fellow Russian! The pair enjoyed a firm handshake, signifying Zangief's approval of the long awaited validation of Aleksey Zalazof, who will get an opportunity to be the first to defeat Victor Ortega and claim his first comeback championship!

Backstage; Mysterious Budo and Kimala joined unsuccessful Japanese battle royal competitor, Astro, as he returned from being eliminated. The Tag Team champion revealed singles matches ordered against the Heat Up Scramble contender match winners, Alex and Lucky Colt. Taking his championship belt from Budo, he said he wanted his teammates to take the title contenders to their very limits of their ability, to reveal how dangerous they were to their plans. Plans that presumably involved remaining CWA Tag Team champions.
Rainbow Mika made her way to the ring next in an unscheduled appearance.
With the cheers of the crowd supporting her, Mika cast aspertions about the American Dream Battle Royal, questioning why she had been overlooked as the Japanese competitor. She claimed that her defeat in the tag team match at Heat Up Scramble had apparently caused everyone to forget her abilities. As the only female Muscle Bomber, she once again resumed her war against joshi wrestling by issuing an open challenge to any of the men unafraid of losing to a woman. Mika surely got more than she bargained for, however, when The Wraith emerged at the entrance!

The Wraith versus Rainbow Mika
The cloaked monster stepped over the top rope to confront a Rainbow Mika who showed obvious signs of being intimidated by his dark stature. Mika threw knife edged chops at the unmoving giant, before resorting to a buttpump off the ropes. Even the projection of her full body weight failed to topple the mysterious wrestler from the darkside. The Wraith halted further advances, clutching Mika by the throat before leading her into an inescapable corner. A choke toss ironically gave her the breathing room she needed, but was far from a desired result. Wraith controlled the pace, preventing Mika's ascension with a big boot that sent her straight back to the mat! Able to kick out of a two count, Mika rolled to the outside to try to find her barings. The Wraith's attempts to stalk her gave her the opportunity to climb the top rope, destroying his advances with a shoot star peach! Wraith sat back up eerily, however, clutching her by the throat once more to finish the match with a chokeslam!
Winner: The Wraith

With Rainbow Mika lying motionless in the centre of the ring, the Wraith took one knee, obscuring himself further as he leaned over her. From beneath the material an eerie green glow began to emerge, but just as his occult practise was about to begin, El Stinger raced to the ring to attack with a dropkick to the side of the head! He grabbed Mika and dragged her out of the ring, walking her toward the entrance as The Wraith rised to his feet. Silent and hidden beneath his cloaks, the Wraith stood in the ring staring at the one that got away. Exactly what his intentions were, remain unknown, but after performing the same practise weeks ago on Joe and Rip Saber, neither of those two had been seen in competition since!

In the interview trench; Darun Mister was on hand to respond to his defeat in the American Dream Battle Royal. Still the #1 contender despite the result, Mister explained his disappointment in Zangief's inability to hold on to the title. He commented that he had come to CWA to finally pit his legendary status in India against the acclaim achieved by the Red Cyclone. He described Victor Ortega as a sideshow and the worst aspect of the entertainment industry that had been built around professional wrestling. He said he did not look forward to competing against Ortega, believing his legend to be destined to be short lived, forgotten due to his pestilence. He described Aleksey Zalazof as a far more worthy champion, recounting his matches with the Russian as the best he had faced in CWA.

Kimala the Bouncer versus Alex
Having earned a shot at the Tag Team champions at Heat Up Scramble, Alex and his partner now faced the test of Astro's minions. Kimala, known as the BWA Bouncer, had earned a reputation on the back of brutalizing opponents like R. Mika and El Fuerte, but in Alex he found an opponent more than capable of matching his strength -- and far exceeding his speed!

Alex was more than happy to grapple with the Bouncer, besting him in a test of strength, while also showcasing his quickness with evasive moves and devestating swinging punches. The power of his entire body seemed to embue each blow with strength enough to rock Kimala into a defensive position! The big man resorted to throwing the entirety of his near half-tonne body weight at Alex, knocking him down with a body block that set him up for a big splash! Despite the blow, Alex was able to kick out of a cover, summoning his energy to power back! After a gruelling battle of strength, it was Alex' ability to out-wrestle Kimala that saved the day. A suplex put him in position to apply a clover leaf that left Kimala little option but to tap out!
Winner: Alex

In the lockerrooms; Aleksey Zalazof was preparing himself for his match later in the night against Victor Ortega, when Lucky Colt entered. His old rival commented on his win in the American Dream Battle Royal, sarcastically quipping that he might not be a screw up after all. Colt made reference to the cheers of the crowd, estimating that it meant his partner Alex had secured victory and it was now his turn to put the final nail in the coffin before they claim Tag Team gold. On his way out, the Florida Wildhorse told Zalazof to make sure he didn't lose. The Russian couldn't help but smirk.

Mysterious Budo versus Lucky Colt
Colt looked strangely pedestrian next to the flambouyant white faced demon and his kabuki-style get up. Budo held his tag team championship, possibly in an attempt to enter into mind games with his opponent. The pair danced around the ring before locking up, giving Colt the chance to exert strength over Budo. The Japanese high flyer proved a greater challenge than the Wild Horse might have first anticipated, leaping out of an arm lock with a series of flips that allowed him to knock Colt down with a sweep. From there, Budo launched into a flying exhibition, using the ropes as slingshots to enhance his every dive! It seemed the tag team champion was destined to dominate his opponent, but as he came off the top rope with a flying crossbody, Colt's luck kicked-in in the form of the sonic fist! With Budo knocked down by the blow and momentum of his own dive, Colt was able to roll him up for another victory for the contenders!
Winner: Lucky Colt

In the offices; Rasta Gomes kicked the door in, barging in to confront the Commissioner!
Gomes burst into a rant about respecting everything Mike Haggar had done for justice and appreciating his policy of natural order in CWA. He said he too was a man of natural beliefs and would have to demand that the law of the jungle be respected, with all due respect to the United States of this America. Gomes shouted that no man should ever snatch another man's monkey lest he face justice. Through the shrieking shouts, Haggar agreed to a hardcore rules grudge match on the July 11 episode of Saturday Night Slam Masters between Gomes and Sheep the Royal. Whether or not the Commissioner was completely clear on this fact, however, is uncertain.

CWA Heavyweight Championship Match
Aleksey Zalazof versus Victor Ortega
Electricity filled the air as the undefeated Muscle Bomber original was confronted by a man with nothing to lose. Aleksey Zalazof's victory in the American Dream Battle Royal was the perfect end to a July 4 celebration that forced the man who described himself as being "beyond nations" to put his title where his loud mouth was!

Faced with an opponent unlike any other, Zalazof avoided engaging in strong man antics, intent instead on utilizing speed and technique to overcome the power of the undefeated champ. Ortega proved to be more agile than he'd anticipated, but Zalazof was able to cope with evasive tactics, driving Ortega to the corner with a series of low kicks and punches. He lept into a modified judo flip, but the minute his feet were in the air he was in Ortega's control, countered with a makeshift spinebuster! Ortega began an assault seen all to often in his matches, following with a quick succesion of high impact moves that included a powerslam and hammer lock toss!

Struggling for options, Zalazof sent Ortega into the ropes with an Irish whip, catching him on the comeback with a sleeper hold. Despite expert application of the grip, the sleeper had no effect as Ortega tensed the massive muscles of his neck and shoulders. After bucking Zalazof into the air, he drove the tiring Russian into the turnbuckle, before hoisting him into a death valley driver! Despite the impact, Zalazof still showed signs of fight, countering a pinfall into an impressive arm bar! Once again, however, the hold was rendered moot by the freakish physique and strength of the CWA Heavyweight champion! After powering out of the hold with flexing, Ortega looked to close the match out with a powerbomb, but Zalazof was able to counter with a hurracanrana!

Ortega showed legitimate signs of being shaken, but was still the first man to reach his feet after spending a rare spell on his back! The champ showed no appreciation for Zalazof's feat, unleashing a violent clothesline before finishing the match with a devestating modified piledriver!
Winner and still CWA Heavyweight Champion: Victor Ortega

Ortega retrieved his championship belt, buckling it around his waist as he rolled to the outside. There, he retrieved an American flag from ringside, returning to drape it over his defeated Russian opponent. Ortega posed and flexed beneath red, white, and blue fireworks, before stomping on the still unsconscious Muscle Bomber! The July 4 Saturday Night Slam Masters came to an end with mixed feelings in the air, a fairytale ending stolen from the fan favourite challenger.

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