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CWA: Saturday Night Slam Masters (07/11)

The American Dream had faded as Saturday Night Slam Masters kicked off in the CWA arena in Metro City. The memory of Victor Ortega's freakish dominance over Battle Royal winner Aleksey Zalazof had everyone asking the question -- who can possibly take the CWA Heavyweight championship from the undefeated Victor Ortega? Also on the minds of many was a Hardcore Rules match scheduled to take place between King Rasta Gomes and Sheep the Royal, the former of the opinion that Sheep had monkey-napped his pet manager, Freak.

The show began in the interview trench where the unpinned #1 contender for Ortega's title, Darun Mister, was in casual attire with the night off. The undefeated Indian legend was quick to shrug off his elimination in last week's American Dream Battle Royal match. He described the over the top elimination rules of the match a farcical affair that in no way reflected the true skills of a professional wrestler. He then trainsitioned to one of the competitors of the match, the Russian rival that had brought him to compete in CWA, Zangief.
He described narrowly missing opportunity to finally grapple with the former-champion as the biggest disappointment of the July 4 Slam Masters special. He spoke of the streets of his native India, where men still debate which legend, Zangief of Mister, would truly emerge the greatest. The #1 contender said he was tired of being booked away from his goal, and promised that after he wins the CWA Heavyweight title at CWA: Muscle Bomber Meltdown on July 26, the first thing he will do is issue a defense against the Russian Red Cyclone!

Elsewhere in the arena, R. Mika and El Fuerte were together in the lockerrooms.
Fuerte fawned over his female Japanese counterpart, describing tag teaming with her one of the greatest honors he had ever had. He referred to their defeat at Heat Up Scramble in a tag team championship match, but looked to their match later in the night against Titanic Tim and Birdie as an opportunity to get back into the championship hunt. As the two tag teamers left their locker room, it went unnoticed by the duo that in the background Astro appeared to be entering the locker rooms of Mad Gear Gang; Sodom, Hugo Andore, and Poison. Exactly what the tag team champion was doing there, was anyone's guess.

Mysterious Budo & Kimala versus Lucky Colt & Alex

The first match of the night was a blockbuster as the #1 contenders to the tag team titles were booked to face off against one-half of the tag team champions, Budo, and Astro's BWA Bouncer, Kimala! It was during their contention with El Fuerte and R. Mika that the secondary force of Budo and Kimala was solidified, key to decimating the powers of the lucha/puro combination in several warm-up matches before their eventual championship bout.

Despite this knowledge, Colt & Alex appeared confident in the match, fresh off of singles victory last week on SNSM. The white faced oni, Budo, was clearly in a class of his own, but started the match with the more nimble of the two challengers, Lucky Colt. Budo trotted around the ring, forcing Colt to come to him. The challenger showed superior strength, but arm locks only invited acrobatics from Budo, who tied Colt in knots before striking with a series of kicks. When Kimala entered the fray, it was a different ball game as the 450lbs Bouncer fought off slam attempts and even resisted the sonic fist! Colt called upon his superior agility to make the tag, bringing Alex into the match, who unleashed power beyond his build with a devestating strikes to Kimala and Budo both! He unleashed a scoop slam on Kimala that set the crowd alight, nailing a leg drop before inviting Colt in with the tag to finish the match off with a second attempt at the sonic fist! The match sent a powerful message to the Duo division, stamping the name of the #1 contenders at the top of the competition!
Winners: Lucky Colt & Alex (#1 Contenders)

In the offices, Commissioner Mike Haggar had summoned the two Soviet Slam Masters, Zangief and Aleksey Zalazof, who just last week competed in the final moments of the American Dream Battle Royal. He commended them on their efforts, particularly Zalazof, who had finally shaken off a losing streak to prove himself as one of the best. The Commissioner revealed that the pair were booked as a team for the night's main event, facing off against Mad Gear in a match that could influence the future of the Muscle Bomber Duo division. The two Russians, who had been on good terms since their match at CWA comeback event, The International Blowout, shook hands as a show of solidarity.

In the ring, El Stinger emerged in an unscheduled interlude.
With microphone in hand, he said that although he respected and believed in Rainbow Mika's stance against joshi division wrestling, he was sick and tired of seeing men like Kimala, and last weekThe Wraith, try to take advantage of her. With fire in his belly, the luchadore bellowed a challenge to The Wraith to come out and face him in a fight, man-to-man. The Muscle Bomber from the darkside did not disappoint!

The Wraith versus El Stinger
The Wraith towered over his lucha opponent as he stepped over the top rope, forcing everyone to wonder whether or not he was actually just a man intimidating a woman. Wraith stood motionless as the bell sounded and El Stinger unloaded with a barrage of knife-edged chops to the chest that appeared to have little or no effect on the cloaked Muscle Bomber!

The Wraith retorted with a thrust to a string of hand thrusts to the throat as El Stinger refused to stay on the mat after each knockdown! Wraith wrapped his taloned hand around El Stinger's throat on the mat, forcing referee Harry Hicks to get uncomfortably close to call him off. The Wraith stepped slowly toward a retreated Hicks, distracted long enough for The Stinger to hit the ropes and deliver a dropkick to the back of the seven footer! The blow managed only to cause The Wraith to stumble, resulting in a slow turn toward El Stinger that sent chills throughout anyone watching. An impending sense of doom hung over the ring as El Stinger hit the ropes again, attempting to fly with a crossbody block that was caught by his giant opponent. The Mexican superstar was helpless as his body was turned upside down and driven head-first into the mat with an unforgiving tombstone piledriver! The Wraith pressed his hands onto El Stinger's chest in an act of ceremony, having rendered his opponent unconscious.
Winner: The Wraith

The lights in the arena darkened as The Wraith's robes draped over his body and he began the mysterious and eerie process El Stinger had rescued Rainbow Mika from last week on Slam Masters. A green glow eminating from beneath The Wraith's hood shone the only light in the arena fading before the house lights returned to reveal three robed individuals standing around him!
An enraged El Fuerte and Mika rushed to the ring to aid their fallen ally, but they were met by waiting blows from the robed minions of The Wraith! The mysterious men tossed Fuerte and Mika to the outside, while, with his hand wrapped around El Stinger's motionless body, The Wraith dragged him from the mat. The quartet of hooded Muscle Bombers carried the luchadore's limp body to the entrance amidst a sea of jeers from the crowd, escaping reprisal from Mika and Fuerte.

The stunned Duo had little time to recover from being tossed out of the ring as Birdie and Titanic Tim emerged to face Mika and Fuerte in their scheduled tag team match. The 500 Trillion Powers were unsuitably happy in their entrance given the sombre tone enforced by the events that had just occurred. Tag Team Championship aspirations must have been the last thing on the minds of Mika and Fuerte, who continued to look at each other with shock all over their faces.

"500 Trillion Powers" Titanic Tim & Birdie versus Rainbow Mika & El Fuerte

The stunned puro/lucha alliance were forced to get their minds back in the game, receiving no mercy from the hulking British brawlers. Tim and Mika began proceedings, with the big man holding an advantage over the shaken Rainbow Mika. A sickening thud followed a big boot from Tim, putting Mika on the mat. With knee to her back, Tim locked in a rear chin lock looking for a submission, earning the ire of El Fuerte who lept off the top rope with a springboard leg drop! El Fuerte returned to his corner while Mike asserted herself with a flying peach off the ropes!

The two legal muscle bombers were forced to crawl for their corners, desperate to tag in the fresh man. Titanic Tim got there first, but just as the advantage seemed confirmed, Birdie hopped off the apron to start talking to fans at ringside! With his partner absent, Tim on his hands and knees became a platform for El Fuerte to leap to the turnbuckle, using it as a launching pad for a shooting star press! Reeling from the attack, Tim had nothing left to kick out of the cover.
Winners: El Fuerte & Rainbow Mika

As was becoming customary, the shoving began at ringside as Titanic Tim confronted his partner. It seemed tensions over Tim's selection to represent the United Kingdom in last week's American Dream Battle Royal were still prevelant, forcing the pair into a brawl right infront of the audience! The 500 Trillion Powers detonated on each other, using the layout of the arena as a weapon as they moved gradually toward the entrance, tossing each other into barriers and equipment! The pair were to be aided by officials, however, after the massive arms of Victor Ortega caught them as they reached the entrance.

The CWA Heavyweight Champion made his way to the ring, boldly displaying the title belt.
The undefeated Muscle Bomber original grabbed a microphone to begin an impromptu interview with himself. He talked about the American Dream Battle Royal, declaring himself a man above peasant concerns like nations. He called himself a king of the ring, ruling over the CWA with the company's gold slung over his shoulder. Ortega posed the question of his eventual defeat to himself, leading to a tirade against the #1 Contender, who he described as being a man zealously dedicated to fighting losers. He mocked Darun Mister for his "unhealthy" obsession with Zangief, who had already been defeated not just by Ortega, but also a "career loser" like Zalazof.
Holding the title belt in his palm, Ortega stared at it. He said it pained him to see the title sullied by the total lack of competition it was representing, a matter Mike Haggar had played a major part in. He accussed the Commissioner of playing favourites from the start, citing the denial of his rightful place as undefeated champion during the first month of the CWA comeback, and the constant support shown to former-Haggar student, Aleksey Zalazof. Ortega laughed, claiming he had had an epiphany that explained the predicament facing the company. He accused Haggar of being jealous of Ortega's success, suggesting the former Mayor of Metro City was a wrestler who had gotten out of the game too soon, and despised Ortega for being an undefeated champion. He warned that if Haggar didn't change his priorities after he defeated Darun Mister at Muscle Bomber Meltdown, he would be forced to take the title and seek competition somewhere else.

King Rasta Gomes versus Sheep the Royal (w/ Freak)

In one of the more bizarre encounters for the night, it was a battle over a monkey as Rasta Gomes received his challenge against Sheep the Royal. The unconventional pair had fought in a string of matches previously, but now the rivalry appeared to be developing a personal streak as Rasta Gomes accused the former rugby-star of "stroking his monkey" without consent. It was at The International Blowout that CWA staged their only previous hardcore rules match, where Rasta Gomes got the best of Mad Gear Muscle Bomber, Sodom.

Gomes came prepared, assaulting Sheep with a trash can at the top of the match. "The Royal" was forced to endure a succession of blows to the head from "King," but remained in surprisingly good spirits in spite of it. Giggling to himself, Sheep scooped Gomes into powerslam, taking the opportunity to get his barings on the outside. It was at ringside that the match seemed destined to be fought, providing a range of weapons for the pair to utilize against each other. Chairs, a ladder, and even the ring bell itself were used to strike each other, but the turning point came as Rasta Gomes looked to deliver a piledriver onto a steel chair. Sheep was able to counter the move, taking advantage of the shifting tides to deliver a sickening powerbomb onto the outside floor. The hardcore epic ended then and there with Sheep scoring the three count. Freak - the monkey in the middle of this match - attempted to converse with both men, but Sheep was too busy celebrating in the ring to notice the meaning of his squeals.
Winner: Sheep the Royal
In the interview trench, Poison was ready to speak on the behalf of Hugo and Sodom.
She explained that the pair were actually much smarter than they looked. She said that the two were actually surprisingly shrewd business men, and that tonight, they had orchestrated a deal to put them back in the centre of competition in CWA. She described Zangief and Zalazof as the inadvertent victims that would have to fall if they were to assert themselves as championship contenders in the future.

Aleksey Zalazof & Zangief versus "Mad Gear" Sodom & Hugo Andore (w/ Poison)

With the future of the Muscle Bomber Duo division hinging on the night's main event, it was always going to be a tough ask to maintain order in the match. Before the bell even rung tensions between the two teams were evident, the Russians coming as close to face-to-face with their towering opponents as possible. The biggest man in CWA, Hugo Andore, opted to let Sodom kick the action off, while it was fan-favourite, Aleksey Zalazof, taking the first shot. Like so many other matches of the night, the aftermath of the American Dream Battle Royal was ever present.

Zalazof was explosive in his attack on Sodom as the bell sounded, waisting no time in a striking offensive. Sodom's body armor absorbed some of the kick/punch punishment, but the towering otaku came tumbling down as Zalazof hit the ropes to score a clothesline. Fluidity was to be an advantage as Zalazof brought Zangief into the match, slowing things to a methodical high impact pace begun with a powerslam. Hugo threatened to enter the match, but was stopped by referee Harry Hicks who also resisted the flirtations of Mad Gear manager, Poison. The distraction gave Sodom opportunity to attempt to use one a sai concealed within his belt, but Zangief swatted the weapon away, sending it spilling to ringside.

Zalazof was tagged back in, resulting in a devestating sidewalk slam. A cover failed to garner results, but inspired Zalazof to target Sodom's legs and back in ways armor could not protect. A boston crab saw Sodom enter a world of pain, but the big man was able to reach the ropes to break the hold. A strategic boot stunned Zalazof, giving Sodom a chance to hit a desperation shoulder charge that gave him additional space necessary to tag in his partner!

Andore brought a big boot of his own, levelling Zalazof with a kick to the face!
The German Giant needed no turnbuckle to get some big air on a diving splash that crushed the body of Aleksey Zalazof with over 500lbs of pressure! Despite the devestating blow, Zalazof was able to kick out of the cover, but it left him little energy for a defense. The tables appeared to be turning as Andore delivered a massive eight foot vertical suplex! To the awe of the audience, Zalazof again kicked out of the cover just shy of three. The ropes provided defense against a german suplex, giving the Russian an anchor to keep him earthbound. A spinning heel kick to the gut winded Andore enough to give Zalazof the space to tag Zangief, but the impressive reach of Andore also resulted in a tag!

Sodom struck hard with a running chop block that knocked Zangief down, but showboating gave the Red Cyclone time to recover. As Sodom turned to charge his opponent, Zangief swept him aside with the 360 lariat, sending Sodom over the top rope! In a twist of fate, the sai Sodom had attempted to use earlier had been present in his ringside landing, resulting in a massive crack in his armor. As Zalazof tossed him back into the ring, Sodom's neck was left completely unsupported as Zangief brought him crashing down with the spinning piledriver! Zalazof kept Andore and Poison from advancing as Zangief picked up the three count!
Winners: Zangief & Aleksey Zalazof
The Russians celebrated their main event victory to the delight of the crowd, but as they revelled in cheers, the Tag Team champions emerged and stormed the ring! Kimala the Bouncer joined in with Hugo Andore to deliver a double-team assault on Zangief and Zalazof, before the tag team champions Astro and Mysterious Budo got their licks in on the defeated Russian heavyweights, as Saturday Night Slam Masters came to a shocking conclusion!

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