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CWA: Saturday Night Slam Masters (07/25)

Despite being only twenty-four hours away from the Sunday summer special - CWA: Muscle Bomber Meltdown - the cards were all on the table for the last edition of Slam Masters for July!

Lucky Colt & Alex remain championship bound as they cash-in their #1 contender slot against reigning Tag Team champions, Astro & Mysterious Budo, but after last week's Slam Masters, the question now lingers as to exactly what role the Mad Gear Gang will play after Hugo and Sodom joined the champs to storm the ring. They were scheduled during the week to feature in the night's main event - an eight-man tag match between those involved in last week's brawl!
Also in question after last week, the CWA Heavyweight title bout, which was to have pitted Darun Mister against the undefeated champ, Victor Ortega. After Ortega's campaign against the Commissioner forced an early defense, Ortega was able to eliminate Mister from his list of victims, casting doubt over the main event at the Meltdown!

Ortega wouldn't leave the fans wondering too long, starting the show off with an unscheduled appearance by the champion. With the belt slung over one shoulder, he revelled in his string of victories, reminding everyone of his comprehensive win against Indian Muscle Bomber legend, Darun Mister. For not the first time, Ortega suggested that perhaps CWA simply could not provide him with the calibre of competition he required. It was at that moment that his tone shifted, leading him to declare Mister's defeat as the end of excuses. In front of the thousands of Metro City fans in attendance in the CWA arena, he accused Commissioner Mike Haggar of being both jealous and a coward. With belt in hand, he rattled off the names that he'd beaten, declaring Mike Haggar the last living legend that might stand before him as a worthy opponent. Despite his scathing verbal assault, Ortega did not draw out the Commissioner. A dejected Ortega declared that he would simply have to take his belt somewhere more competitive.

Backstage in the interview trench, Rasta Gomes appeared to be in better condition than last week after his bout with Kimala. Ahead of a match against Birdie, he turned his attentions toward an on-going feud with Sheep the Royal. He declared that at Muscle Bomber Meltdown they were going to be forced to revive an long forgotten artform if they were going to settle their difference. Growing increasingly disturbed, Gomes revealed that he would be forced to harm Sheep the Royal in ways that weren't fit to be described during family entertainment. Now shouting, he declared that he was going to win his monkey back at all costs by putting both he and Sheep's careers on the line in a Death Match at the Sunday special event!

Birdie versus King Rasta Gomes
Just like last week, the British brawler emerged for solo competition without the accompaniment of his tag team partner, Titanic Tim. Given the state of mind "Missing IQ" Gomes had been in, this was perhaps a situation Birdie would be forced to regret! The wildman from the Dominican Republic arrived at the ring wielding a 2x4 plank of wood, forcing referee Harry Hicks to closer than he might've liked to prevent immediate disqualification. With the weapon removed, the match could begin.

Despite an obvious physical advantage, Birdie appeared severely disadvantaged by the nervous energy emitted in each of Gomes' attacks. Resorting mostly to strikes hovering on the edge of disqualification, the wildman looked like he was there to legitimatley hurt someone! The match spilled to the outside as Birdie did his best to use his massive arms to fend off Gomes' unconvential assault. A conclusion was imminent the moment Gomes laid eyes on the 2x4 at ringside, which he used as an illegal weapon against his opponent, earning disqualification.
Winner: Birdie (via disqualification)

With the match over, the Brit attempted to utilize his trademark chains to rein in the out of control Muscle Bomber, but was unwilling to get involved when Gomes lit the 2x4 aflame! Birdie opted to flee toward the entrance stage, while Rasta Gomes paraded uninterrupted around the ring with the flaming plank held above his head. It was sure to be but a glimpse of the madness to unfold in the first-ever CWA Death Match at Muscle Bomber Meltdown!

In the parking lot, Victor Ortega appeared to be searching for the elusive Commissioner.
The champion may have had premeditated antagonism on his mind, however. When Ortega found Mike Haggar's car he proceeded to take his aggressions out on it! The physically impressive Muscle Bomber was no less dominant against steel than he had been in his matches. It was an act that begged for a response!
Rainbow Mika made her way to the ring next in yet another in a series of unscheduled events ahead of Muscle Bomber Meltdown. The embattled Muscle Bomber stood alone after El Fuerte had been the victim of an interrupted attack by The Wraith, just last week. Mika said she had come to CWA to prove the strength of a female wrestler, and wasn't about to start running from opponents, no matter how creepy. She challenged The Wraith to face her in the ring now and every week after until she finally defeated him once and for all. As the arena darkened and an eerie smoke filled the stage, it was clear the dark one was happy to oblige, no doubt intent on claiming Mika just as he had El Stinger, earlier in the month.

Rainbow Mika versus The Wraith
Having already suffered at the hands of The Wraith in a string of circumstances throughout July, Mika was perhaps not quite in top fighting condition. Never the less, her courage couldn't be questioned as she launched herself into the fight of her life! She wasted no time giving it her all, starting the advantage with a flying peach, holding Wraith to the ropes with a string of knife edged chops and punches. As enthusiastic as she was, however, The Wraith was simply too strong and resilient for a fatigued Mika.

With a choke toss, Wraith turned the tables, unleashing his own brand of attack in the centre of the ring, punctuated by a big boot to the face that levelled CWA's beloved lone emale. The over 350lbs giant landed a leg drop, but wasn't yet ready to look for a cover. He dragged Mika off the mat once more, clamping his bizarre taloned hand around her throat like a scion of death, gazing into her glazed eyes from beneath his tattered hood. A chokeslam finally put an end to Mika's valiant campaign, bringing about the circumstances for the inevitability of Wraith's strange ritual.
Winner: The Wraith

As he had many times before, The Wraith knelt down to drape his robes over Rainbow Mika's beaten body. Obscured by his attire, it appeared as if the dark Muscle Bomber was about to put an end to Mika's career when suddenly, of all people, Commissioner Mike Haggar raced down to the ring! He yanked The Wraith away from Mika with impressive strength, standing tall to come face-to-hood with a stoic yet challenging Wraith. As he had been on previous occasions, The Wraith was forced to retreat without Rainbow Mika's soul, all thanks to the intervention of the CWA Commissioner!

The surprises would not stop there, however. After helping officials carry Mika to the backstage area for treatment, the Commissioner grabbed a microphone. He referenced the announcement he made when he first revealed himself as CWA Commissioner, namely his belief in the natural order of affairs in wrestling. He revealed that despite those beliefs, he felt the need to speed the process up, and had made a few executive decisions as the Uncivil Servant of CWA!

The Commissioner said he'd allowed the situation with The Wraith to go undelt with for too long, but when a certain friend of his from Japan had heard about R. Mika's involvement, he felt compelled to lend a hand. Haggar announced that this mysterious opponent would reveal himself at Muscle Bomber Meltdown in a match against The Wraith, who he felt, was an opponent his friend was uniquely qualified to deal with. He added that, if Mika is healthy, he wouldn't rob her the chance of retribution, announcing a match against Black Widow for the special event.

Haggar then turned his attentions to Victor Ortega. Referring back to the natural order of things, he admitted that Ortega had finally gotten under his skin, and forced him to react. He said that regrettably it would be a conflict of interest for him to fight a match whilst still acting as an official with the influence of a Commissioner, which is exactly why he was accepting the challenge to face Ortega for the title at Muscle Bomber Meltdown and retiring from the role of Commissioner! Which only raises the question, is Mike Haggar the man that can finally take Victor Ortega's title and undefeated winning streak?!

Titanic Tim versus Sheep the Royal (w/ Freak)
It was business of a more standard fare as Titanic Tim hit the ring to face off against Sheep the Royal. It seemed he and his tag partner had the switch of rivals, but his connection was about to become more personal as the match went on. Up against Sheep the Royal, the over seven foot UK giant was pretty well matched, despite having a little less balance than the girthy rugby royal.

A spear tackle from the Royal put a distinct turning point on the match that had, up until then, relied largely upon a vertical striking style. Escaping the pinfall, Tim stepped it up a gear, delivering a devestating clothesline off the ropes that shook the very ring with it's impact! Tim's tag partner, Birdie, made his way toward the ring, but it wasn't for moral support. He entered the ring, arguing face-to-face with his partner, before striking Sheep with chains wrapped around his fist! The move earned an immediate disqualification of Tim, handing Sheep an unexpected victory -- a fact that Tim did his best to thank his partner for with an out of control brawl at ringside.
Winner: Sheep the Royal

Ahead of the night's main event, Astro joined the members of Mad Gear and BWA in the interview trench. With a deep voice he revealed that the stars of the Muscle Bomber universe were finally aligning themselves to allow him to unleash a plan he'd been working on since the beginning of the comeback. On this night, he promised to observe his Blood Wrestling/Mad Gear alliance rip the hope from CWA's leading fan-favourites, before he and Budo once again claimed the CWA Tag Team championship as their own. He warned that a new era was dawning, before the small army of Muscle Bombers headed for the stage.

Hugo Andore, Sodom, Kimala & Mysterious Budo (w/ Astro & Poison)
versus Zangief, Aleksey Zalazof, Lucky Colt & Alex

Dubiously present at ringside, Astro's very aura appeared to smother the arena as his "BWMG" Alliance lorded over the ring. They showed a unity that was unnerving, perhaps because they had not had to fight amongst themselves like the combined heroes of CWA.

Proceedings began under relatively civil circumstances, with Hugo and Zangief kicking the match off. The two powerhouses shook the ring with devestating blows, a boot from Hugo encouraging Zangief to return to his corner to give Alex opportunity to meet his rival. The New York native's energy was channelled into sponsoring his phenomenal strength. Against all odds, he was able to deliver german suplex to the German giant, before tagging his partner, Lucky Colt. The tactic of isolation was working well for the "good guys," until Sodom and Kimala took it upon themselves to jump in for a double-team on Colt. Hugo was able to tag out to Budo, who unleashed a high flying top rope dropkick on Colt and a rapid succession of martial arts strikes, before giving Sodom a chance to enter the ring. Colt was able to score a hip toss on the Japanese tragic, before Hugo and Kimala interfered once more. This time the unwanted entrance drew attentions of the heroes, leading to an all out melee as the eight-men filled the ring with brawling!

Blows and bodies flew wildly as Harry Hicks struggled to maintain any sense of order.
The CWA referee was accidentally knocked to the outside, allowing Astro opportunity to join the brawl, tipping the scales in favour of "BWMG." The five-on-four assault spilled to ringside as Alex pursued Hugo and Aleksey battled Sodom, leaving Zangief and Colt to suffer the domination of BWA's Kimala, Budo, and Astro. Mysterious Budo's mist successfully blinded Zangief, who suffered a devestating slam by Kimala! It looked as if things could only get worse for Zangief when the recently ousted #1 contender, Darun Mister, charged down to the ring! His status quo since joining CWA had been one of pursuit of Zangief, but he shocked the arena and BWMG by dumping Kimala over the top rope and putting Budo in his place with a powerbomb! Mister didn't see Astro sneaking up behind him, however, allowing the sinister leader of the BWA movement to knock him out of the ring with a spinning kick! Action on the outside had allowed Hugo to get the better of Alex. He crawled into the ring as Poison pushed a revived Harry Hicks back in, who, in a disoriented state, counted the fall for Hugo over Zangief, but the Russian kick out!

The Muscle Bombers returned to their corners as a blind Zangief was dragged to his feet by Hugo.
The German giant looked to have free reign with the Russian, but his over confidence was his undoing as Zangief unleashed the 360 lariat! With Darun Mister coaching him from the side toward his corner, Zangief made the tag to Lucky Colt, who connected with the sonic fist on Hugo! His attempts to pick up the pin were unsuccessful as Sodom entered the ring, threatening another loss of control. Hugo tagged Budo, who lept through the air to deliver a springboard moonsault on Colt! The Muscle Bombers poured into the ring again, fulfilling the inevitable brawl and obscuring Harry Hicks' view from Poison, who aided Budo in picking up a dubious pin!
Winners: Mysterious Budo, Kimala, Hugo Andore, & Sodom

Darun Mister joined the action as, once again, the quintet of Muscle Bombers collided in the ring!
What effects could such a brawl have given that all of these men would be forced to compete once against in just twenty-four hours?! Among the matches at Muscle Bomber Meltdown -- the first ever CWA Death Match between Rasta Gomes and Sheep the Royal; Rainbow Mika vs Black Widow in a grudge match; The Wraith versus a Mystery Opponent; Tag Title match between Astro & Budo (c) vs Lucky Colt & Alex; and Mike Haggar officially comes out of retirement to face Victor Ortega for the CWA Heavyweight Championship!

Tomorrow - July 26! CWA: Muscle Bomber Meltdown!
The future will be decided! Titles will be on the line! Do not miss it!

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