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Wrestling: Pay-Per-View Players #32 - December 1990

#1 Hulk Hogan [--] (14-3-1) (WWF)
A tournament of eight nations inducts The Steiner Brothers as the hottest tag team heading into 1991! The US Team defeated South Africa, Mexico and Japan to challenge the might of turncoat #1 tag team: The Road Warriors!

The 3-for-1 streak makes Rick Steiner the highest individual ranked for NWA, with brother Scott Steiner projecting the future from the 9th slot. Rick leaps four places to skip even defending World Heavyweight Champion: Sting! The win was tribute to recently passed former NWA World Champion Pat O'Connor.

The Stinger rocked a Steel Cage in the main event, fending off the advances of The Black Scorpion -- mysterious masked man who turned out to be none other than arch-rival and former champion Ric Flair! The Nature Boy went double masked during the match, but couldn't avoid being exposed as the dirtiest player in the game.

Defending the World Tag Team Champions in a no contest were Ron Simmons & Butch Reed -- unable to rank as the #11 team despite retaining the coveted titles! With Flair slinking his way back into the World title spot - Barry Windham replaced him as partner to fellow challenging Horseman Arn Anderson. The void left by the departing Road Warriors has quickly been filled!

Competing in the Pat O'Connor International Cup Tag Team Tournament are two proud wrestlers of Mexico worthy of note: Konan & Rey Misterio! As the WCW era kicks in both names will come to gain greater significance -- Konnan in his own right, while Misterio's son - the venerable Rey Misterio Jr - embarks on one of the greatest international careers of any US based luchadore!

With their late acquisition of The Road Warriors key - WWF ends 1990 in control of the wrestling Pay-Per-View world! The Road Warrior advantage tips the scales to a 60% majority share of both the singles and tag team PPV rankings! With nary a woman in sight on an NWA card, the women's division is 100% the domain of McMahon's Federation! That control will not go unrivalled in the coming year. Ted Turner's WCW will assume control of the NWA pay-per-view line-up, beginning a process of conversion that will lead to the hottest period in wrestling. We're on the ground floor - we watch with interest!
Top Ten Singles PPV Players
#1 [--] Hulk Hogan (14-3-1) (WWF)
#2 [--] Randy Savage (13-8-0) (WWF)
#3 [--] Road Warrior Hawk (12-3-0) (WWF)
#4 [--] Road Warrior Animal (11-4-0) (WWF)
#5 [+4] Rick Steiner (11-5-1) (NWA)
#6 [--] Sting (10-1-2) (NWA) [World Heavyweight Champion]
#7 [-2] "Black Scorpion" Ric Flair (10-6-3) (NWA)
#8 [-1] Ultimate Warrior (9-2-0) (WWF) [World Heavyweight Champion]
#9 [new] Scott Steiner (9-4-0) (NWA)
#10 [-2] Brutus Beefcake (8-2-3) (WWF)
Top Ten Tag Team PPV Players
#1 [--] Road Warrior Hawk & Animal (11-3-0) (WWF)
#2 [+1] Rick & Scott Steiner (9-3-0) (NWA)
#3 [-1] Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane (6-3-0) (NWA)
#4 [--] Ax & Smash (6-4-0) (WWF)
#5 [--] Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart (6-4-0) (WWF) [Tag Team Champions]
#6 [--] Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson (5-1-0) (NWA)
#7 [--] The Samoan Savage & Fatu (4-1-0) (NWA)
#8 [--] Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard (3-1-1) (WWF)
#9 [--] Bushwacker Luke & Butch (3-1-0) (WWF)
#10 [--] Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid (3-2-1) (WWF)

Top Womens PPV Players
#1 [--] The Fabulous Moolah (2-0-0) (WWF)
#2 [--] Rockin' Robin (2-0-0) (WWF) [Women's Champion]
#3 [--] Wendi Richter (1-0-0) (WWF)
#4 [--] Itsuki Yamazaki (1-0-0) (WWF)
#5 [--] Noriyo Tateno (1-0-0) (WWF)
Recent Pay-Per-View Event Results
- NWA Starrcade '90 (December 16, 1990)
- WWF Survivor Series (November 22, 1990)
- WCW Halloween Havoc (October 27, 1990)
- WWF Summerslam (August 27, 1990)
- NWA The Great American Bash (July 7, 1990)
- NWA Capital Combat (May 19, 1990)
- WWF Wrestlemania VI (April 1, 1990)
The Pay-Per-View Players rankings intend to take into account pay-per-view events promoted by NWA, WWF, WCW, ECW, WWE & TNA wrestling organizations. Only broadcast results contribute to the cumulative tally of win/loss record of wrestlers. Pre-show matches will not be included.

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