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CWA: Heat Up Scramble!

JUNE 28, 2009       -       CWA: HEAT UP SCRAMBLE

With the summer nights getting hot and the CWA comeback month completed, it was time for the Muscle Bombers to prove themselves under the spotlight of their second main event spectacular. Heat Up Scramble, live from the CWA arena in Metro City, was aflame with anticipation! Just twenty-four hours prior; Saturday Night Slam Masters poured fuel on the fire of feuds between all the major Muscle Bombers -- none more heated and controversial than the Heavyweight jostling between Victor Ortega and reigning champion, Zangief!
Also on the line, the Tag Team titles currently held by Astro and Mysterious Budo. It was confirmed overnight that they would face the combination of Rainbow Mika and El Fuerte; while the BWA Bouncer, Kimala, would contend with the lucha veteran, El Stinger!

Lucky Colt & Alex versus "Mad Gear" Sodom & Hugo Andore (w/ Poison)

The up and coming combination of Alex & Colt received the appreciation of the crowd as they marched blindly into an explosive opening match with unnamed opponents. The entrance of the Mad Gear gang as the obstacles standing in the way of their title hopes did not surprise. Tensions between Alex and Hugo had surfaced during a previous encounter on Slam Masters, which had escalated just one night earlier, when Alex battled Sodom.

The rivals had to cool their heels on the apron as their respective counterparts started the match.
Colt and Sodom each showed signs of a similar speed and strength strategy, the early tussle handing Colt the advantage as he out maneuvered his bulkier opponent. An attempt to lock in a sleeper hold was thwarted as Sodom's size and outfit helped give him leverage to deliver a backdrop. With their scuffle demanding a tag, both exhausted wrestlers crawled to their corners simultaneously. It was Alex who thundered out of the gates faster, capitalizing on the Hugo's clumsy entrance over the top rope. He did his best to send the German Giant into the ropes, knocking him down like an ancient oak with a stiff clothesline! From there, the New Yorker sought the STF, but manager Poison caused a distraction on the apron.
The strategy backfired as Lucky Colt sprung into the ring to deliver the Sonic Fist to Sodom, before joining Alex in putting Andore to rest with a devastating two-man vertical suplex that rocked the entire ring! Colt was returned to his corner, allowing Alex to pick up the pinfall.
Winners: Alex & Lucky Colt (New #1 Contenders for the Tag Team Championships)

The crowd were on their feet as vision showed Aleksey Zalazof arriving at the arena.
The embattled Russian's CWA comeback had failed to garner a victory, putting extra pressure on his performance later in the night in a rematch of the clinical exhibition he wrestled against the conversely undefeated Muscle Bomber, Darun Mister. The match, to decide an opponent for the winner of the night's main event title bout would surely be Zalazof's last opportunity to stay in the championship picture.

King Rasta Gomes (w/ Freak) versus Sheep The Royal
Two of CWA's wildest competitors emerged to take one and other on in singles competition.
Referee Harry Hicks had his work cut out for him as the two unpredictable Muscle Bombers pushed the limits of acceptability during their fight. The action quickly arrived at ringside where the outer structure of the squared circle was used as a makeshift weapon, as were the surrounding crowd barriers. Rasta Gomes was the one on the received end of a series of slams and whips that tested both the durability of his body and of the surrounding décor. By the time the match returned to the ring, Gomes' attempts at an offensive were all but shattered. A spinebuster slam put the final note on the match, handing Sheep a well earned, if questionably designed, victory.
Winner: Sheep the Royal

Backstage; the night's challengers for the Tag Team Championships, R. Mika and El Fuerte, were in conference with friend and ally, El Stinger. It was just the previous night that El Stinger, suffering impaired vision from a previous encounter with Mysterious Budo, had accidentally attacked Mika to cost them a six-man tag team victory. Mika and Fuerte assured the lucha legend that his explanations were misplaced, but appreciated. Stinger assured the pair that his vision had fully healed and that he would be operating at one hundred percent when he faced off against the super heavyweight, Kimala the Bouncer. He then questioned whether El Fuerte could say the same, recalling the battle with Kimala that nearly hospitalized him. As a trio, their CWA comeback had been tainted by the interference of the elusive Astro and his henchmen. El Fuerte pointed to the special event's name, Heat Up Scramble, as an omen that the budding lucha chef would emerge victorious.

Titanic Tim & Birdie versus The Wraith & Black Widow

The dark and disturbing combination of The Wraith and Black Widow were reunited by booking for the first time since their initial pairing at The International Blowout. The dark duo clearly had the "500 Trillion Powers" of Tim and Birdie intimidated just by their mere presence. The pair fought over first right to fight, Tim drawing the "short straw" to stand-up against the seven foot shrouded Indian.

Birdie threw powerful blows in the direction of The Wraith, who withstood them, motionless. Exerted, Birdie soon found himself with the talon-like fingers of the Wraith wrapped around his throat! The dark giant marched Birdie toward his corner, turning slowly to come face-to-face with Titanic Tim. Tim leapt off the apron, clearly rattled by the dark demeanour of their opponent. He mustered enough courage to tug Wraith's ankles from the outside, staggering him enough to give Birdie breathing space to roll out beneath the bottom rope. With Birdie clutching at his throat and fighting to suck in air, the pair retreated toward the entrance, conceding the match to a count out. Black Widow slinked around the Wraith's feet in his trademark squat fashion, while Wraith watched intently as their opponents escaped his grasp.
Winners: The Wraith & Black Widow (via count out)

In the interview trench, Darun Mister was on hand to discuss his opportunity to earn a shot at the CWA Heavyweight championship. Mister, whose very arrival in CWA was predicated by the goal to test his legend against the Red Cyclone, expressed great confidence on the back of his four-match winning streak, projecting forward to finally earning the opportunity to wrestle Zangief for the title. He expressed disdain for the Russian's opponent, Victor Ortega, but remained focused on repeating the calibre of match he held against Aleksey Zalazof on Slam Masters.

Kimala versus El Stinger
The feud between CWA's masked Muscle Bombers and the minions of Astro had begun at the first event in the comeback, The International Blowout, where El Stinger attempted to continue his rivalry with Mysterious Budo by capturing the tag titles. Out of the championship picture, El Stinger was now fighting for his own honor after his team suffered multiple embarrassments and defeats over the past few weeks.

The Stinger had his work cut out for him against a man nearly three times his weight! Kimala took full advantage, lumbering between the lucha and the turnbuckles every time it appeared El Stinger was going to hit the ropes. Tired of the cat and mouse game, El Stinger looked for an offensive with a hurracanrana, but was caught by the vastly more powerful Muscle Bomber who countered into a powerbomb! El Stinger looked like he was in trouble when Kimala bounced back into the ropes, looking for a splash, but the incredible speed of the lucha allowed him to slide out of the way! With Kimala rocked by his own rare trip to mat, El Stinger was able to get airborne, diving off the top rope with a stunning cross body block! The pin attempt failed, but Stinger was now free to make full use of his speed. After running Kimala ragged, El Stinger put the final touches on the BWA Bouncer with an incredible springboard moonsault!
Winner: El Stinger

Commissioner Mike Haggar marched to the ring next for an impromptu audience with the crowd.
The Macho Mayor was pleased to announce to his home crowd that the previous episode of Saturday Night Slam Masters had reached a record attendance. He thanked everyone for supporting the CWA comeback and hoped Heat Up Scramble could provide equal levels of entertainment with the many developed matches on the card, including the much hyped main event between Victor Ortega and Zangief.

Backstage, Rasta Gomes was limping around the catering table when he stumbled into Titanic Tim and Birdie. The wildman muttered about the beating he suffered earlier in the night at the hands of Sheep the Royal, offering to show the "Trillion Powers" his scars. Becoming suddenly desperate, he asked if either of them had seen his pet monkey manager, Freak. Gomes mentioned loitering in the basement where he had heard strange groaning noises, and was concerned that Freak hadn't had lunch. Birdie and Tim looked at each other with obvious concern, before scrambling in the direction of the parking garage...

El Fuerte & Rainbow Mika versus Mysterious Budo & Astro
With El Stinger successful earlier in the night, the psychological pendulum that had been rocked in favour of the champs on the previous night's Slam Masters, was now back in motion. Mika and El Fuerte revelled in the crowd's response as they entered to challenge for the tag team titles that had eluded El Fuerte and El Stinger at The International Blowout.

A tense anticipation filled the arena as ritualistic pleasantries confirmed the stakes of the fight, putting the quartet of Muscle Bombers in the ring together under manufactured circumstances of neutrality.
El Fuerte and Budo exploded the second the bell rang, colliding in a whirling tornado of energy as they locked up. An acrobatic exchange gave Fuerte the advantage, finishing with a tilt-a-whirl into back breaker! The pace continued as Budo dodged the running Fuerte, only to be caught with a harsh running dropkick! A strategy of fluid tagging became the obvious gameplan of the challengers and Fuerte surrendered the ring to give Mika the chance to drop a top rope leg drop on Budo. Covers were scarce with the pace remaining quick, even as the regularly tagging Mika/Fuerte combo began to wear down the white-faced devil.

The challengers encountered their first scare when El Fuerte sought a cross body block, only to have Budo roll through it! The count only reached two, but gave Budo opportunity to whip his hair into the face of the lucha libre star, causing him to stagger back! When El Fuerte had finished rubbing his eyes, he was now face-to-face with fellow masked Muscle Bomber, Astro!

Suddenly the isolation tactics of the high-flying challengers began to unravel as a totally fresh Astro capitalized on his partner's sacrifice. The tag champ delivered a combination of fast short punches that worked the mid-section Fuerte had injured during his bout with Kimala two weeks prior. The blows forced El Fuerte to accept the tag from Mika, creating a tagging situation for the champions, as well. Clearly now keeping Astro fresh, Mysterious Budo was unleashed sluggishly, resorting to an unsuccessful attempt to spray mist in the eyes of Mika! Taking a page from his book, Mika had used her long locks to block the spray, but like Fuerte, when she looked back up she was confronted with Astro, who showed devastating efficiency in executing the D3 finisher -- a blow that left Mika unconscious and the fairy tale ending soberingly destroyed.
Winners and still Tag Team champions: Astro & Mysterious Budo

As El Fuerte helped Rainbow Mika to her feet, the crowd showed the pair their appreciation.
While they did not succeed in capturing the championships, they had certainly captured the audience's respect. Their exit now means Astro and Mysterious Budo will next face the duo of Alex and Lucky Colt, who won the right to challenge earlier in the night.

Darun Mister versus Aleksey Zalazof

Their bout last night was one of the most technically involving showdowns CWA had ever seen, and anticipation for the naming of a new #1 contender was almost as high as that for the championship match. Zalazof's comeback career had mirrored Mister's in that he had suffered only defeats, while Mister dominated every opponent he faced in the lead-up to the opportunity.

Darun Mister was all business, refusing a handshake from the Russian as they squared up. Just as they had the night prior, the two mega Muscle Bombers tied up in a test of wills, clutching for the advantage. Zalazof initiated the fight, twisting Mister's arm into a brief hammer lock. He used the leverage to push the Indian forward while he propelled backward into the ropes, returning to fire with a harsh forearm chop. Zalazof took a moment to prepare himself, tying up with Mister on the rise once again. Mister slipped around to a waistlock where attempted a cobra clutch! Proximity to the ropes gave Zalazof the opportunity to grab the ropes, shaking the hold off. A clothesline took the rising Indian down and allowed a submission attempt with an arm bar.
The undefeated Darun Mister showed tremendous strength, twisting his way out of the hold into a modified clover leaf. Despite being in obvious pain, the Russian refused to tap out to the impromptu match winner. Darun Mister relinquished the hold as both were beginning to show signs of fatigue from last night, content to finish the match with a fisherman suplex.
Winner and new #1 Contender: Darun Mister

In the interview trench, Victor Ortega was pumping his gigantic arms in an act as much a part of a preparation ritual, as it was showboating. With his title shot mere minutes away, the all-time undefeated Muscle Bomber spoke elaborately about the night's place in history. He declared it a poetic symmetry of all the nights he had spent defeating CWA's best in their previous incarnation. He acknowledged that Zangief was an unknown quantity of sufficient quality to make it one of the most anticipated matches of his career. The credit stopped when the postulating began and Ortega again declared it an outrageous travesty that he wasn't defending the title. He arrogantly warned the Muscle Bomber universe that he would only be satisfied so long by petty brawlers and cheap acrobats. In closing, he hoped Zangief had drunk his vodka and called his kremlin.

Victor Ortega versus Zangief
Ortega flexed his inhuman physique as he made his way to the ring, pointing to the crowd in accusation as he declared himself the sure winner. It was a stark contrast of styles as Zangief emerged at the entrance clad in a red cape that covered his motionless body. Scarred arms spread the fabric to reveal the gleaming strap of the heavyweight championship, before Zangief marched to the ring. Despite the weeks of psychological warfare, Zangief showed no signs of cracking as he stared down his opponent.

Ortega shoved his finger in the face of the champion, shouting denouncements before breaking into a round of poses. The stoic Russian responded by unleashing a giant right hand that rocked the face of the disrespectful challenger! Ortega grabbed his mouth with a look of shock that quickly turned to a smirk. The match was officially underway as the two goliath Muscle Bombers met in a clash of egos and styles. Ortega proved the stronger of the two, wrenching Zangief's arm before driving a boot into his open gut.

The pair broke, glancing to the crowd to receive their respective responses, the positive clearly in the favour of Zangief. They tied up again, but again it was Ortega who proved the stronger of the two, applying a front facelock that successfully launched into a long hanging vertical suplex. The elevation - impossible for many men - clearly put Zangief in foreign territory and left him dazed. The champion looked to be in trouble in the early goings as Ortega drove the boot in, stomping away on the tempered Red Cyclone. Zangief was able to enter a return with a series of chops to the glistening burly chest of the undefeated challenger!

With Ortega on the ropes, Zangief twisted a waist lock to deliver not one -- but two german suplexes!
With such a devastating move there was an impending sense that victory might be at hand, but somehow, the challenger kicked out at only a one! Not even the compelling argument of the spinning piledriver could keep Ortega down for more than a single slap of referee Harry Hicks' hand on the canvas.

After withstanding a convincing offensive from the champion, a Victor Ortega emerged who was everything he had claimed to be. A gorilla press slam shocked the audience into harsh realisation that this was not simply a wrestler with a convincing interview routine, but rather, a man whose phenomenal strength and physique could back up everything he claimed. After holding Zangief for what seemed like minutes, the challenger brought him crashing down!
Not to be outdone, Zangief attempted another lariat to gain some kind of ground, but Ortega had the sense of mind to avoid and counter, delivering a powerbomb that shook the very ring and the Association world as well.
Winner and new CWA Heavyweight champion: Victor Ortega

New CWA World Heavyweight Champion: Victor Ortega!

Harry Hicks awarded Ortega the championship belt, but that would not be enough. The new champion snatched Zangief's cape from ringside, donning it mockingly as he posed on the turnbuckle for the audience to witness. The Russian former-champ could only retreat, holding his head, as Ortega became canonized as a fact of CWA. Love or hate him, he was once again the CWA Heavyweight Champion, and a force to be reckoned with in the new era of the company.

Will winning the title finally pacify the Ortega situation, or has a new reign of terror been wrought on CWA after only a month of competition? All the fall out will be on show as CWA celebrates July 4 with Saturday Night Slam Masters! Stay tuned!

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