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CWA: Saturday Night Slam Masters (06/20)

Last week's Slam Masters was on everybody's mind as the second big Saturday show kicked off in front of a capacity crowd. It was on the 06/13 episode that undefeated CWA legend Victor Ortega made his feelings clear about being overlooked for a shot at the championship at International Blowout. Having been retired as champion without defeat, the original muscle bomber was scathing at the close of last week's show, even going so far as to attack current CWA Heavyweight Champion, Zangief, and inadvertently, Mike Haggar.

Haggar emerged at the SNSM entrance way at the very beginning of the show, clad in his now trademark shirt and tie. The Macho Mayor acknowledged that the events of last week were bound to be a distraction throughout the rest of the show, so he wanted to nip them in the bud straight away. He admitted that being knocked out by Zangief's spinning lariat had been a blow to his ego, but was actually pleased it prevented him from making an unprofessional decision. With that, he shocked the muscle bomber universe by officially revealing he had accepted a position as CWA Commissioner!

Haggar revealed that although he was enjoying the quiet life running various businesses in Metro City, he felt compelled to accept CWA's invitation and request to become Commissioner. He was quick to follow with the facts that his role as a former-wrestler and Mayor gave him a unique insight into the balance required to be a good Commissioner. He said he did not want to be the kind of official who interferes in the natural course of affairs in the wrestling arena, but rather, a well measured "Uncivil Servant".
With that, he acknowledged that clearly Victor Ortega had some issues that needed to be worked through, and that the only way to resolve them would be through a match. To respond to Ortega's claims that he deserved the championship without question, the new Commissioner announced that he wanted to give the original muscle bomber the opportunity to work through that in the night's main event in a #1 Contender Match against Aleksey Zalazof!

Lucky Colt & Alex versus Sheep the Royal & King Rasta Gomes (w/ Freak)

The action kicked off in the CWA ring with an exciting tag team match between title hopefuls, Colt & Alex, and the unconventional duo of Sheep and King Rasta! Colt began the match with Sheep, struggling to come to terms with the raw power of The Royal. Sheep called upon his brawling tactics to dominate Colt, who was forced to tag out in the early goings. Alex matched up with Sheep better, proving deceptively powerful despite his reasonably agile frame. Sheep and Rasta shared some confusing moments, debating tags with Rasta's pet monkey, but in the end, it was the double-team efficiency of Lucky Colt & Alex that proved too good. Alex finished Gomes with the two-man combo of a spinning heel kick into a snapping german suplex.
Winners: Alex & Lucky Colt

The interview trench was under Canadian invasion as Rip Saber stood by ahead of his match.
Saber referred back to International Blowout where the Canadian Commando was teamed with an inexperienced kickboxer named Joe. He said that while he didn't know Joe well enough to feel emotionally involved, he wasn't at all happy with the spook tactics being used by the man called Wraith. He revealed that Joe hadn't been heard from since his defeat on the previous week's SNSM, so Saber was going to take it upon himself to drop the bomb on the dark one.

Rip Saber versus The Wraith
Saber's bravado took a blow as the eerie muscle bomber, Wraith, made his entrance. The dark giant was stoic when he entered the ring, unmoved by Saber's barrage of chop blocks and punches. Saber hit the ropes, looking to add some momentum to his strikes, but instead of scoring with a running lariat, he ran directly into the clutches of the Wraith! A chokeslam brought the match to a sudden close, rendering the feisty soldier unconscious!
Much as he did against Joe, the Wraith kneeled over his defeated opponent, emanating an eerie green glow as his robes draped across his body. Just like Joe; a motionless Rip Saber had to be removed from the ring by medical officials.
Winner: The Wraith

In the locker rooms; El Stinger, El Fuerte, and R. Mika were gathered together in a huddle. The Lucha Stingray had words of encouragement for his recent allies, ahead of singles competition against the minions of Astro. Stinger said he was suspicious of Astro's activities since the CWA revival, describing his movements as uncharacteristically subdued. He informed the younger muscle bombers of Astro's previous role as a representative of the now defunct rival promotion, BWA, as well as a main event contender for the CWA Heavyweight Championship. He warned that both Mysterious Budo and Kimala would resort to any tactic to secure victory, but under Astro's command, could have even more malicious plans for the pair. They showed quiet confidence in El Stinger's sage-like advice as El Fuerte headed out for his clash.

El Fuerte versus Kimala the Bouncer
El Fuerte lived up to his name ("the strong") as he jumped into the ring against over 400lbs of muscle bomber!
It quickly became apparent that the weight difference would have little impact on a muscle bomber whose arsenal was his own body! El Fuerte dominated the opening course of the match with raw speed and tenacity, using the ropes to spring into a graceful exhibition of crossbody blocks and high risk top rope manoeuvres! When Kimala sought the refuge of ringside, Fuerte still proved able to punish the Bouncer, splashing with an Asai moonsault! Despite the continued momentum, the outside would prove to be El Fuerte's downfall. Kimala was able to turn the outside of the ring into a weapon, countering a crossbody into a bearhug collision with the ring posts! Kimala rolled his opponent back into the ring, finishing the brief assault with not one, but two big splashes!
After the match, Kimala took pleasure in standing over his beaten opponent, further adding insult to the punishment by picking his limp body up to deliver a devastating spinebuster slam before returning to the back through a hail of boos!
Winner: Kimala

Darun Mister was in the interview trench with a lot on his mind. He responded to Victor Ortega's arrogant claims for the championship with reference to his two convincing victories during the CWA comeback. He described Ortega as an unworthy champion reliant upon words more than true courage in the ring. He described himself as a superior contender, and transitioned his attentions back toward his Russian rival, Zangief, whom he still intends to defeat during his time in CWA. He promised to add another victory to his undefeated streak to further prove his worth.

Darun Mister versus Sodom
It was a test of wills as two muscle bombers well known for their careers outside of CWA collided in the ring. Like two bulls, they locked up in the centre of the ring several times, before Mister finally broke the collision with a sidewalk slam. Sodom walked into several scoops as the match turned in to an unorthodox battle of speed and slams. A shoulder thrust off the ropes bought Sodom some breathing space, provoking him to make the unlikely decision to venture toward the top rope! Showing aspirations of a puro high flyer, he braced for a moonsault, only to be suplexed with a belly to back off the top rope! The Indra Bridge put the exclamation point on the match, handing Mister his third consecutive win in CWA. The Indian muscle bomber surveyed the crowd silently, before returning to the locker rooms.
Winner: Darun Mister

In the backstage area, El Stinger and Rainbow Mika watched concerned as El Fuerte was wheeled past on a stretcher. The lucha defied medics, rolling off to return to his concerned allies and assure them he was not badly hurt. Medical staff forced El Fuerte to return to the stretcher, expressing concern about potential internal injuries. El Stinger clenched his fist and teeth as he and Mika headed toward the entrance.

Rainbow Mika (w/ El Stinger) versus Mysterious Budo (w/ Astro)
El Stinger accompanied R. Mika to the ring as her anti-joshi campaign transformed into a personal battle of honor against Astro and his partners. The sinister masked muscle bomber accompanied his championship partner to the ring, confirming the need for Stinger's presence.

Mika was uncharacteristically stern as she faced off against her skipping kabuki-faced opponent. Budo questioned the referee about something, before flicking his hair toward the eyes of Rainbow Mika! Stunned, she was helpless as Budo flung her into the ropes with an irish whip, colliding with a jump spinning heel. Budo dragged Mika to her feet, showing little chivalry in dropping her with a hiptoss followed by a rear chin lock!

Mika's tenacity couldn't be disputed as she broke free of an adapted sleeper hold, springing back to life with a suplex! The resurrection was brought to an end as both Mika and Budo hit the ropes, colliding simultaneously with the same clothesline in mind. El Stinger broke his hawk-like gaze on a relatively uninvolved Astro to cheer Mika on, helping summon her to her feet a fraction faster than her high-flying opponent, giving her the wits advantage to deliver a piledriver! Despite the high impact move, the effects of a gruelling match were showing, leaving Mika unable to capitalize on the pinning predicament.
At ringside, El Stinger's temper was starting to get the better of him, leading to a confrontation with Astro, while in the ring, Budo took a knee so only the crowd could see his pale cheeks puffing up. Seeing Mika still on the mat, Budo turned his attentions to his besieged partner and sprayed green mist into the eyes of El Stinger! Little did the tag champion realise, however, that Mika was only playing possum, and sprung to life to hit him with the flying peach!

With a roar from the crowd, Mika picked up the pinfall victory!
Winner: Rainbow Mika

After the match, Mika exited the ring to check on the condition of El Stinger. Whilst doing so, she failed to notice Astro lurking up behind her with a raised arm. Astro grabbed Mika by the hair and dragged her back into the ring. He helped his partner back to his feet in preparation for an attack, but El Stinger, wiping green from his eyes, rolled in to the ring and attacked! The quartet devolved into an all out brawl, prompting Commissioner Haggar to emerge at the entrance!

With officials flooding the ring to tear the muscle bombers away from each other, Haggar expressed disgust in the tactics of the tag team champions and referred back to his speech at the beginning of the show about natural order. He told Astro that it was time for him to fight for himself, and on the advice of doctors that El Fuerte would be fit to compete, he announced a six-person tag team match for the next episode of Saturday Night Slam Masters between El Stinger, R. Mika & El Fuerte and Astro, Budo, and Kimala the Bouncer!
With both muscle bombers in the ring, Victor Ortega grabbed a microphone to address his opponent and several other issues that had presented themselves. Ortega immediately bit back at Darun Mister's comments about his methodology, describing his current predicament as proof of his willingness to prove himself by fighting. He then attacked Zangief for not being a fighting champion, asking Mister why he would be so desperate to fight a coward. He ominously warned that next week he would take care of Mister and his loudmouth, but on this week's Slam Masters, would indulge what he described as Mike Haggar's blatant favourtism for a former student. Zalazof remained composed, despite being described as coward incapable of winning his own battles.

Victor Ortega (current contender) versus Aleksey Zalazof

Ortega tossed the microphone aside to let his fists do the talking for him, abruptly starting the fight with a series of harsh right hands. With Zalazof down, the undefeated muscle bomber tore the shirt from his super-human body, flexing and posing for the crowd!

As Zalazof made it to his feet, Ortega tossed him into the ropes, knocking him down with a confident clothesline! Ortega pulled his opponent off the mat, locking him in to a modified version of an abdominal stretch. He compelled Zalazof to quit, but the young Russian showed no signs of giving up so easily. Not content to issue slow damage, Ortega hoisted Zalazof into a running powerslam! Immediately after impact, he took squat to this time implore submission with a deep seated camel clutch. Though the intense pain was written all over Zalazof's face, he again refused to buckle under Ortega's immense strength.

Showing signs of frustration, Ortega took to the turnbuckle, climbing to the second rope to deliver a diving axe handle to Zalazof. Despite the successful blow, Zalazof rose immediately to his feet, defying the power behind Ortega's giant arms! Zalazof resisted one slap, a second, and then blocked a third! The stunning turnaround gave him opportunity to knock Ortega back with a standing dropkick! He leapt back to his feet, hit the ropes, and collided with a running lariat to the stumbling Ortega, but alas, he would not fall! The Russian hit the ropes once more, but this time, found himself running directly into the bearhug of the original muscle bomber!
Again Ortega compelled Zalazof to submit to his hold, but even with the flow of oxygen to his lungs greatly restricted, Zalazof would not quit!

Zalazof could barely stand as Ortega released his grip, teetering on the brink of unconsciousness as his knees wavered above his feet. Clearly defeated, it took only a hard belly to belly suplex to finally put the Russian out of contention. Arrogantly, Ortega draped himself over Zalazof's body to retain his shot against Zangief at CWA: Heat Up Scramble on Sunday, June 28th!
Winner: Victor Ortega

With the match over, Ortega mounted the turnbuckle to pose for the crowd, beckoning them to bow before the next CWA Heavyweight Champion. Even as he did, the Red Cyclone and current World Champion, Zangief, emerged at the entrance with the title strap over one shoulder! The Russian watched silently, unimpressed by the number one contender's antics. When Ortega spotted him, he began shouting challenges and abuse, leading over the ropes with an extended finger to call Zangief into the ring then and there. The Russian simply nodded his head in recognition as Saturday Night Slam Masters went off the air.

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