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CWA: Saturday Night Slam Masters (06/13)

With the fallout of CWA's comeback special, International Blowout, still settling on the muscle bomber universe, the return of Saturday Night Slam Masters came fully loaded! The promise of a special championship presentation for title winner Zangief was the main event order of the day, but rumblings of a special announcement from "Macho" Mike Haggar had the rumormill working overtime in the arena.

The show started in the locker rooms with one of Haggar's well known proteges, and the man whom Zangief defeated to win the title, Aleksey Zalazof! The Russian was quickly confronted by his old rival, the Florida Wildhorse, Lucky Colt. Colt greeted his rival with playful antagonism, declaring that he would've won the championship match at International Blowout, if given the chance. He then made clear his intentions to win gold of another kind, revealing that later in the night he would reteam with his International Blowout partner, Alex, for a match to further establish them as a tag team.
Alex approached, allowing Colt to introduce his new tag partner. He noted the eerie similarities between Alex and Aleksey, remarking that his new partner was like an American "better" version of his old rival. Zalazof shook hands with his American counterpart, recognising Alex from some of his matches in the MMA circuit. He wished them luck, gracious despite Lucky Colt's hostility.

The Wraith versus Joe
Following their tag team confrontation at International Blowout, Joe was scheduled to face-off against the mysterious Indian giant, Wraith. Just like the special event, Joe showed some signs of inexperience in the wrestling ring, relying mostly on kickboxer-style strikes. The American was clearly intimidated as his blows proved unable to topple his dark opponent. Wraith returned the favour with a devestating big boot that rendered Joe unconscious, granting him an easy victory.
After the match, Wraith loomed over Joe's lifeless body, emitting a strange green glow as his rags fell over the motionless kickboxer. When the Wraith left the ring, medical officials were forced to carry Joe out on a stretcher.
Winner: The Wraith

In the interview trench, Darun Mister was on hand to discuss his scheduled match against King Rasta Gomes. Mister was unmoved by Gomes' hardcore victory at International Blowout, declaring him more animal than man, and nothing resembling a challenge. Mister then warned Zangief to enjoy his championship presentation, promising a victory against Gomes to be just another step in his quest to face the Red Cyclone.

Titanic Tim w/ Birdie versus Sheep the Royal
Two of CWA's heavyweight muscle bombers clashed, with Titanic Tim notably arriving to the ring accompanied by his tag team partner, Birdie. Birdie showed more interest in taunting to the crowd throughout Tim's hardfought match against the burly display of The Royal. Sheep showed signs of his rugby training in Australia, unleashing an impressive spear that leveled the Titanic one! Tim slung his foot toward the rope to escape the cover, but Birdie's ringside posing knocked his partner's foot down, causing him to lose the match!

The "500 Trillion Powers" argued at ringside before starting a brawl that led them back to the entrance and toward the backstage area.
Winner: Sheep the Royal

In the backstage offices, Zalazof entered to find "Macho Mayor" Mike Haggar waiting for his former student. Haggar congratulated him again on a valiant effort to win the heavyweight championship at International Blowout. Haggar said he looked forward to presiding over the title presentation with Zalazof and Zangief later in the night, but first wanted to discuss "something" that was going to change the situation in CWA forever.

Rainbow Mika made her way to the ring next to an overwhelming ovation from the crowd.
The incredibly popular female muscle bomber once again denounced the concept of joshi wrestling, mocking any company of men who would fear the competition of a female. As with the lead-up to International Blowout, she issued an open challenge to any male muscle bomber who would step up and face her in an inter-gender challenge. Just like the special event, it was Kimala who answered the call, entering with a sick grin and a flicking tongue.

The Bouncer from Canada told Mika he enjoyed the "foreplay" of International Blowout, but would be forced to finish her once and for all, this time. Before he could, El Fuerte raced to the ring, enjoying similar praise to Mika! The lucha muscle bomber revealed that it was R. Mika who inspired him to become a wrestler and did not want to see her risk fighting a man over three times her weight. Mika frowned upon El Fuerte's old fashioned concerns, but just as she did, Astro and Mysterious Budo appeared at the entrance way! The tag team champions conversed privately before Budo made his way to the ring, leading to an impromptu inter-gender tag team match!

Mysterious Budo & Kimala versus El Fuerte & Rainbow Mika

Astro disappeared into the back, leaving his partners to their own devices against the team.
Budo and El Fuerte began the match, dancing around the ring before engaging in a test of strength. The highflying muscle bombers put on an exhibition, darting at lightning speed to launch into a series of high risk clashes. Budo made the first tag, unleashing the 441lbs Bouncer against his lucha foe. Fuerte combated the heavyweight to a stunned stalemate before, to the roar of the crowd, Mika earned the tag. She rocked the ring, hitting Kimala with the flying peach! With victory in sight, Mika headed to the top rope, but when Budo looked like he was lurking for a mist spray to the lady muscle bomber, El Fuerte leaped to her rescue! Unfortunately, by attacking Budo on the apron, Fuerte rocked the top rope, knocking Mika from her delicate perch! Kimala took full advantage, hitting a sickening big splash to score the final cover.
Winners: Kimala & Mysterious Budo

Backstage, Birdie and Titanic Tim were continuing their brawl through the arena, at least until the giant-sized arms of Hugo Andore took them both down with a double-clothesline! Andore's manager, Poison, lent against her client, laughing snidely at the unconscious pair. It was a potent message for Andore and fellow Mad Gear muscle bomber, Sodom, who were to be the opponents for Lucky Colt & Alex in the night's main event.

Darun Mister versus King Rasta Gomes (w/ Freak)
The legendary Indian muscle bomber, Darun Mister, showed visible disgust with his opponent, who entered the ring with his pet monkey perched upon his shoulder. Wild and unpredictable, Gomes skipped around the ring as Mister took position in the centre. It was with a simple extention of his arm that he knocked Gomes down with a clothesline. The Indra Bridge put an end to Gomes in record time, adding weight to Mister's threats to the CWA heavyweight champion. He flashed a discernable scowl, before returning to the lockerrooms.
Winner: Darun Mister
Lucky Colt & Alex versus "Mad Gear" Sodom & Hugo w/ Poison

Colt and Sodom kicked off the match with the Florida Wild Horse, Colt, slapping the sonic fist on Sodom in the early goings. Disrespected, Sodom tagged out to the nearly 8' German Giant, Hugo, who proved more resistant to Colt's strikes than his predecessor. Tensions became evident as Colt looked to the crowd for approval when Alex beckoned for the tag. The New York scrapper stood chest-to-chest with Hugo who broke the stand-off with a puff of his chest! Alex wasn't to be outdone, however, bouncing off the ropes to catch the slow moving giant from behind with a ducking german suplex!
Sodom broke a pin attempt, taking the opportunity to double team Alex with a violent sidewalk slam. Hugo placed his boot atop Alex' chest, stepping up to force a literal tonne of pressure! Sodom returned to the ring to take advantage, toying with Alex with a series of grapples. All hope looked lost for Alex, but a spontaneous headbutt bought Alex some much needed time! A tag later, the match was over, seeing Lucky Colt knock Andore off the apron before hitting Sodom with the sonic fist!
Winners: Lucky Colt & Alex

With the first comeback Saturday Night Slam Masters drawing near a close, a special red carpet was laid out in the ring in preperation for the championship presentation! The CWA heavyweight title was brought to the ring in a glass case by Mike Haggar to be placed atop an ornately carved pedestal. Aleksey Zalazof entered the ring first, receiving the cheers of the crowd graciously as he made his way to be present for the presentation to his opponent.

Zangief emerged at the entrance garbed in a bold red cape, posing ominously for the crowd before entering the ring. Once there, he again shook hands with his countryman, acknowledging the efforts of Zalazof in their hard fought match at International Blowout! Haggar placed an arm over both muscle bombers as they posed for photography over the championship belt.

Haggar began the official presentation with a rousing speech about the return of CWA, and the prestige of the championship belt. He described Zangief and Zalazof as worthy muscle bombers in the historical landscape, but before he could continue, Victor Ortega emerged at the entrance way!

He marched to the ring with a microphone, staring at the cased belt, before beginning his speech. He denounced the CWA officials who failed to place him in the championship match at International Blowout. He recounted his achivements as an undefeated muscle bomber in CWA's previous incarnation, reminding everyone that he was retired champion without ever losing the belt. He declared that it was an outright travesty that he could be overlooked and demanded Haggar "do the right thing" and present him with the belt.

Haggar refused, and revealed that although he had not wanted to take away from the championship presentation, he had a special announcement Ortega should hear. The original muscle bomber defiantly struck the "Macho Mayor," prompting Zangief to step up to the former-champ! The Russian Red Cyclone looked to hit his trademark spinning lariat, but Ortega showed impressive agility, ducking the move to hit the ropes, while Zangief's follow through knocked-out Mike Haggar! Zalazof tended to his unconscious mentor, while Ortega, having snatched the title case, bounced off the ropes and brought the box smashing down upon Zangief's head!

With the case broken, Ortega tossed the box onto Zangief, and allowed the title slip out onto the champion. Ortega then flexed his super-physique, surveying the damage done, as the first explosive episode of Saturday Night Slam Masters came to a shocking end!

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