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Saturday Night Slam Masters: CWA International Blowout!

The crowd was electric as the CWA comeback kicked off live from Metro City! With former Mayor, "Macho" Mike Haggar, waiting in the wings, the show had a special connection for for the home crowd. Longtime CWA fans had not forgotten what the former Muscle Bomber had achieved, both in the ring, and outside, as the Mayor who smashed organized crime!

The master of the spinning piledriver was all part of the intrigue of the night's main event - an all Russian championship clash between his rival, Zangief, and his student, Aleksey Zalazof!
Also on the line, the tag team championships, set to revitalize the age old rivalry between two of CWA's high flying muscle bombers, Mysterious Budo and El Stinger! [More hype!]

Joe & Rip Saber versus The Wraith & Black Widow
Joe showed early signs of his grappling inexperience when he and Rip Saber faced-off against the dark and bizarre duo of Wraith and Black Widow. The latter team showed a far better sense of synergy as the Widow played an offensive role, allowing Wraith to exert his dominance in short uninterrupted bursts. Wraith was particularly effective in limiting Rip Saber's effectiveness after finally being tagged in, forcing Joe back into the match. Black Widow was left to lock in a rope hung boston grab, before securing the pin. After the match, the Wraith loomed over the ropes, showing silent menace toward Joe and Saber, who retreated to the back.
Winners: The Wraith & Black Widow

Titanic Tim & Birdie versus Lucky Colt & Alex
As near as anybody could tell, the "500 Trillion Powers" of Birdie and Tim were happy to be reunited. The heavyweight pair, each standing over 7', looked like favourites in the early goings, particularly as relative newcomer, Alex, showered little initiative in the early goings. The fresh face quickly turned the match around, however, when he showed tremendous strength in bodyslamming Titanic Tim! The turning tides appeared to cause a rift between the Powers, but a squabble quickly turned into cohesion as they double-teamed Lucky Colt! The Sonic Fist proved to be the equaliser, however, allowing him to score victory over the bruised Titan.
Winners: Lucky Colt & Alex

Rainbow Mika versus Kimala

Kimala arrived in the ring ahead of the match to declare his evil intentions as the man who accepted R. Mika's open challenge to any male competitor in the CWA comeback. His vile tirade was ended when Mika was lowered from the ceiling! She didn't waste any time against over 400lbs former Bouncer, utilizing her speed and agility to run rings around him! A few scares occurred when Kimala was able to lock Mika in a bear hug that was enjoyed in inappropriate ways, but in the end, it was the flying peach that left Kimala bouncing on the mat!
Winner: Rainbow Mika

Ahead of the match, Darun Mister was interviewed about his arrival in CWA.
On loan from a rival company, the legendary Indian grappler revealed that he had requested the opportunity to work under an independent contract so as to earn an encounter with the Russian title contender, Zangief. Mister expressed dislike for Zangief's style, declaring his intent to fight through the ranks to earn the opportunity to prove himself the superior legend of wrestling.

Sheep the Royal versus Darun Mister
Perturbed slightly by some of Sheep's early antics and ring attire, Mister was true to his word, showing everyone exactly why he was a class legend of the sport. In the clash of the heavyweights he managed to make the Royal appear weightless at times, resisting grappling efforts to hoist his 350lb opponent above his head with a shocking press slam! Mistakes by Sheep's attempts at a ram-like charge sealed the deal.
Winner: Darun Mister

In the locker rooms backstage; El Stinger was shown preparing for his match later in the night - a tag team title shot against arch-rival, Mysterious Budo, and Astro. His stretching was interrupted by the entrance of an enthusiastic El Fuerte! His partner for the night showed extreme admiration for the stoic senior, expressing his excitement for their shot to secure victory in the name of luchadors across Mexico.
El Fuerte received the approval he was seeking when the Stinger broke his stoney silence to extend the hand of friendship to the younger luchador!

King Rasta Gomes versus Sodom

With anything allowed in the match, it was a fairly unremarkable start to a match when the two unpredictable muscle bombers faced off. Sodom appeared preoccupied in the early goings by Freak -- Gomes' monkey, who appeared to be coaching King Rasta from the sidelines. The pair exchanged various grappling blows before Gomes initiated the first stretching of the rules, looking to rake his way through Sodom's body armor and mask. The otaku tragic resisted several attempts, before breaking out the handheld sai blades. After slashing at Gomes' chest, the resiliant Dominican descended into a berzerk rage, gnawing his way through Sodom's armor to a bloody conclusion. Freak joined King Rasta in celebration as Sodom fled backstage.
Winner: King Rasta Gomes

Backstage, Mike Haggar and Aleksey Zalazof were on hand for an interview ahead of Zalazof's main event championship opportunity. Haggar discussed that it had been quite some time since he'd actually done any training with Zalazof, but he'd seen him sparring in the lead up to the International Blowout, and was certain the young muscle bomber was ready to face the greats. Aleksey discussed the honor he felt to be associated with and facing off against legends of the calibre of Haggar and Zangief. He expressed great respect for his countryman whose fighting ethic was purerer than some of the other muscle bombers he had encountered in the past. He downplayed his chances against the Red Cyclone, contrary to Haggar's confidence.

Astro & Mysterious Budo versus El Stinger & El Fuerte

Astro and El Stinger started the match off, but after playing a game of evasion that showcased Astro's strange abilities, he arrived back at his own corner. With the crowd emploring the tag, Budo entered the match to face-off against his nemesis. The two highflyers put on an exhibition of luchador proportions, culminating in a pescado plancha to the outside by El Stinger! While referee Harry Hicks attempted to break up a brawl between Astro and Fuerte, Budo utilized the mysterious green mist to blind El Stinger! Fuerte managed to score a literal blind tag, entering to face Budo. The two fought to exhaustian, colliding in a double knock-out after both seeking a cross body block off the ropes! It was Budo who managed to score the tag, allowing Astro to a devestating flying dropkick to finish the match. Budo taunted El Stinger and Fuerte as they exited to the entrance, holding his championship above his head.
Winners and new Tag Team Champions: Astro & Mysterious Budo

In the backstage area, Birdie and Titanic Tim were arguing about their defeat earlier in the night.
Shoving quickly escalated as the giant-size tag team began attacking each other! The pair resisted attempts from staff and officials to pull them apart, resulting in the destruction of a catering table.

Hugo Andore w/ Poison versus Victor Ortega

The once undefeated CWA Heavyweight champion, Victor Ortega, found himself dwarfed by the nearly 8' German Giant, Hugo Andore. Despite the overwhelming size difference, Ortega showed little signs of intimidation, entering in to a test of strength with his gargantuan opponent. The undefeated muscle bomber's maneuverability proved to be the difference in complimenting the strength behind his impossible physique. Andore remained competition throughout the match, but simply couldn't compete with the intensity of Ortega's strikes, ending with the max back breaker.
Winner and #1 contender to CWA title: Victor Ortega

Zangief was on standby to answer questions before his match against Aleksey Zalazof. The Red Cyclone offered very little in the way of prematch hype, grunting his way toward acknowledging the potential of his countryman and his intent to defy it. A thumbs down from the Russian promised a spinning piledriver to finish the match and a possible challenge to Mike Haggar!
Cameras followed the hulking Czar of wrestling as he made his way toward the arena entrance.

Zangief versus Aleksey Zalazof w/ Mike Haggar

With Victor Ortega, the undefeated muscle bomber, waiting in the wings, the two heavyweights received an extra pop from the anticipating crowd! It was impossible to seperate support for the two, defying expectations of a "good guy" and "bad guy" in a championship match!

Zangief and Zalazof were slow to feel each other out, engaging in a series of grapples that appeared to favour Zangief ever so slightly! The Red Cyclone favoured several suplex attempts, keeping his grounding to the centre of the ring, while Zalazof showed greater flexibility in hitting the ropes before his attacks! Zalazof attempted to chip away at the the strong vertical base of his opponent, but Zangief's grounding proved unwavering in the face of several sliding kicks. A missed 360 clothesline brought Zangief face-to-face with Haggar at ringside, leaving him to turn into a flying knee from the top rope! Aleksey pressed the advantage, but came up short when a northern lights suplex attempt gave Zangief the close quarters to counter into a belly to back. That was all she wrote, giving Zangief the green light to finish a short spinning piledriver!
Winner and new Heavyweight Champion: Zangief!

With victory secured, Zangief helped his countryman to his feet!
The crowd errupted when the Red Cyclone accepted a handshake from Zalazof, with Macho Mike Haggar jumping in to the ring to celebrate with the main event muscle bombers. Confetti streamed down from the rafters as the International Blowout came to an end with a new CWA champion crowned, promising a future showdown between Zangief and Victor Ortega! PLUS: A special title presentation on Saturday Night Slam Masters!

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