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Saturday Night Slam Masters: The International Blowout!

It's been fifteen years since CWA presented their last instalment of the weekly wrestling event,  Saturday Night Slam Masters .
You'd be forgiven for thinking a fact like that was enough to write the muscle bombers off once and for all, but when it comes to overwhelming odds, these guys were first in line to grapple with the impossible! Thus, CWA announce the first card in their comeback spectacular -- The International Blowout!

Gathered for their first comeback card are some of the biggest names in wrestling: muscle bombers from across the United States, Mexico, Japan, and Russia, all vying for the chance to be crowned undisputed champion, and to settle the rivalries that make this business go around!

At the heart of the comeback is former muscle bomber, and Mayor of Metro City, "Macho" Mike Haggar!

Haggar steps back into the spotlight not only as the official host of The International Blowout but also as special guest manager in the main event bout! Haggar knows better that anyone the tempting taste of Heavyweight gold, but when his student faces his rival, can he be lured out of retirement and back into the squared circle? We'll have to wait and see!

Zangief versus Aleksey Zalazof w/Mike Haggar

Zalazof receives a rare opportunity when he steps in to the ring not only to become the undisputed champion, but also, to battle one of his wrestling idols! The Red Cyclone, Zangief, has cast a long shadow over the world of wrestling in Russia, famous for his training in the tundra with wild polar bears, and his execution of the spinning piledriver! Fortunately for Aleksey, he's got Mike Haggar in his corner, another master of the devestating finishing move! Will the support be enough to tip the scales in favour of the youngster, or is Zangief's power and experience destined to make him the next Heavyweight champion and Russian Czar wrestling?

Victor Ortega -- Former CWA Heavyweight Champion!

Hugo Andore w/ Poison versus Victor Ortega

The undefeated muscle bomber legend - Victor Ortega - returns to CWA with his sights set on the Heavyweight Championship that was once his! Standing in his way, however, is an opponent of size and strength unmatched by any other muscle bomber! Hugo Andore is quite unlike any of the men Ortega decimated in his rise to the top in his vintage years with CWA. Can he possibly exert the same kind of dominance against the German giant? Or will it be Andore who faces the winner of the night's main event at the next CWA super card?

Astro & Mysterious Budo versus El Stinger & El Fuerte

They've never met before, but when El Fuerte steps into the ring for the first time for CWA, he'll be getting a master class when he joins legendary lucha, El Stinger, in their battle to wrest gold from the sinister clutches of Astro and Budo! The luchas will surely have the crowd on their side, but when the tag has to be made, will the synergy of experience give the advantage to the bad guys? How sure can El Fuerte be that his meteoric rise through the ranks won't insult the senior señior?

King Rasta Gomes versus Sodom

The referee will merely be a formality when the animalistic King Rasta is unleashed upon the armored exterior of Metro City indie promoter, Sodom! Rasta's wild and unpredictable guiles have seen him ravage many an opponent, leaving his mark on even those who've defeated him! Sodom will have a little something extra up his sleeves, however, with absolutely nothing stopping him from utilizing weapons including the dreaded sai blades! This clash will not be for the faint of heart!

Sheep the Royal versus Darun Mister
A legend in his native India; Darun appears on loan from AWKA to step into the ring with the bizarre former football star, Sheep the Royal! Sheep won't be manhandled by the moustached muscle bomber, but almost certainly appears as little more than an obstacle as Darun pursues his true desire: a bout with the only man who can rival his wrestling reputation - Zangief!

Rainbow Mika versus Kimala

Most organizations feature a unique class for female wrestlers, but the mighty R. Mika laughs in the face of joshi wrestling! She might have bitten off more than she can chew, however, when she faces off against the muscle bomber who answered her open challenge - Kimala the Bouncer! The sadistic super heavyweight will almost certainly show no mercy against his opponent, regardless of gender! Adding intrigue to this battle is Kimala's allegiance to Astro, which flies directly in the face of El Fuerte's promise to intervene in the match on Mika's behalf should she fall into danger! Rainbow's response? A guarantee she won't need the help once she delivers the flying peach!

Titanic Tim & Birdie versus Lucky Colt & Alex

The 500 Trillion Powers reunite when Tim and Birdie clash with Lucky Colt and newcomer to the CWA, Alex. The deck would seem to be stacked in the favour of the two experience tag team goliaths, but deceptively strong for their size and maneuverability, Colt and Alex are sure to compliment each other with a style ready to match the two big men! Though not official, this bout will surely help determine the future of the CWA tag team championships!

Joe & Rip Saber versus The Wraith & Black Widow

Things get dark when the show opens to feature the first-time combination of the eerie Wraith and the bizzare Black Widow! They've been paired up against an all-American combination of former-kickboxer and newcomer to the CWA squared circle, Joe, and former-marine turned muscle bomber, Rip Saber!

PLUS -- who knows what other surprises will unfold when the muscle bombers return at the International Blowout?! Anything could happen in this Capcom fantasy card! All part of the Saturday Night Slam Masters comeback!

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